VERY IMPORTANT: Norwegians fighting for their survival – Please support them!


[I came across this Norwegian website that is fighting for the survival of the whites in Norway! Please support them! The Jewish scum have said that Norway is too white – the POS. Jewish scum at work screwing up yet another fine white nation. Here’s the website’s URL: The site is in Norwegian – below is a translation of their front page. Jan]

Vegtam’s website
– devoted to the struggle for Norwegians’ survival as their own people – 
– Stop the genocide through the money system , low food numbers and immigration of people strangers! – 
… “Everything he’ll show me on the hill the 
post with the letter here goes the way.” –

Wall frame on facebook <align=”right”>Vegtams Online Store .. What ravens whisper …

Homecoming – for the protection of people and country.

The Meaning of Vegtam’s Website 
The Great Scam 
Christianity as a Complex and Replicator 
A Little History of Christianity 
A Challenge to Some Political Parties The 
Scam of Development 
Assistance Code of Conduct on the basis of the interpretation of the Norse myths. 
A decent and ecologically sound Norwegian fisheries policy 
A decent asylum and refugee policy. 
The final farewell to debt and interest slavery. 
A Little From The World 
History The Aash Helpers – How They Think That Makes Relation And Affection With Aces And Habits And Wills To Cooperate With Their Gods In The Jotun Banking. 
The Holocaust Creed
Faith and God 
The Jewish people’s character and agenda. 
movement and the modern slave society Hearing note on public broadcasting poster for NRK Venstrejoedene 

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