The Time Comes Brothers and Sisters, Get Ready!


Brothers and Sisters. i call on you’s to get ready, Prep food, fuel, ammo, this is a bio-weapon and will have massive impact on the markets.

i shall post certain links, i have been following this very closely the official numbers are incorrect.

the sources i shall post are on the edge.


Guo Deyin head of creating the Wuhan coronavirus under the order of the Chinese Communist Party


official data URL

Nowcasting and forecasting the potential domestic and international spread of the 2019-nCoV outbreak originating in Wuhan, China: a modelling study

Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV: early estimation of epidemiological parameters and epidemic predictions The incubation period of 2019-nCoV from publicly reported confirmed cases: estimation and application Estimating the effective reproduction number of the 2019-nCoV in China Real time estimation of the risk of death from novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection: Inference using exported cases Early evaluation of the Wuhan City travel restrictions in response to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak

Medical Papers on this:
Genomic characterisation and epidemiology of 2019 novel coronavirus: implications for virus origins and receptor

Epidemiologically, eight of the nine patients in our study had a history of exposure to the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, suggesting that they might have been in close contact with the infection source at the market. However, one patient had never visited the market, although he had stayed in a hotel near the market before the onset of their illness. This finding suggests either possible droplet transmission or that the patient was infected by a currently unknown source. Evidence of clusters of infected family members and medical workers has now confirmed the presence of human-to-human transmission.12 Clearly, this infection is a major public health concern, particularly as this outbreak coincides with the peak of the Chinese Spring Festival travel rush, during which hundreds of millions of people will travel through China. (page 8)

As a typical RNA virus, the average evolutionary rate for coronaviruses is roughly 10?4 nucleotide substitutions per site per year,1 with mutations arising during every replication cycle. It is, therefore, striking that the sequences of 2019-nCoV from different patients described here were almost identical, with greater than 99·9% sequence identity. This finding suggests that 2019-nCoV originated from one source within a very short period and was detected relatively rapidly. However, as the virus transmits to more individuals, constant surveillance of mutations arising is needed. (page 9)

Phylogenetic analysis showed that bat-derived coronaviruses fell within all five subgenera of the genus Betacoronavirus. Moreover, bat-derived coronaviruses fell in basal positions in the subgenus Sarbecovirus, with 2019-nCoV most closely related to bat-SL-CoVZC45 and bat-SL-CoVZXC21, which were also sampled from bats.23 These data are consistent with a bat reservoir for coronaviruses in general and for 2019-nCoV in particular. However, despite the importance of bats, several facts suggest that another animal is acting as an intermediate host between bats and humans. First, the outbreak was first reported in late December, 2019, when most bat species in Wuhan are hibernating. Second, no bats were sold or found at the Huanan seafood market, whereas various non-aquatic animals (including mammals) were available for purchase. Third, the sequence identity between 2019-nCoV and its close relatives bat-SL-CoVZC45 and bat-SL-CoVZXC21 was less than 90%, which is reflected in the relatively long branch between them. Hence, bat-SL-CoVZC45 and bat-SL-CoVZXC21 are not direct ancestors of 2019-nCoV. Fourth, in both SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, bats acted as the natural reservoir, with another animal (masked palm civet for SARS-CoV35 and dromedary camels for MERS-CoV)36 acting as an intermediate host, with humans as terminal hosts. Therefore, on the basis of current data, it seems likely that the 2019-nCoV causing the Wuhan outbreak might also be initially hosted by bats, and might have been transmitted to humans via currently unknown wild animal(s) sold at the Huanan seafood market. (page 9)

Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of 99 cases of 2019 novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, China:
a descriptive study >>

Since Dec 8, 2019, several cases of pneumonia of unknown aetiology have been reported in Wuhan, Hubei province, China.1–3 Most patients worked at or lived around the local” (page 1)
The case of a 10-year-old boy who was diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus even though he showed no symptoms is raising concern that people may be spreading the virus undetected by the front-line screening methods implemented to contain the epidemic. <<< a Major a issue and grave concern, cause what if the early cases there is a person running around who is the a carrier/host.
And the actual report on this case A familial cluster of pneumonia associated with the 2019 novel coronavirus indicating person-to-person transmission: a study of a family cluster Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag

and take note of >>

this can spread person to person some cases, you have super hosts, please watch out for closed spaces, subways, etc.


Other Items you need to read/watch: Chinese researcher removed from Canada’s only level-4 lab 15 Jul 2019 Harvard Chemistry Chairman Charged on Alleged Undisclosed Ties to China and other articles they have was on Taiwanese national TV 30th

OTHER EVERY IMPORTANT INFO Guo wengui how different things being here (china biggest military portal) they are accusing the USA of causing this Virus. timestamp 34min in watch “other thing is going on here”
Steven bannon talk in this they talking about talking down the CCCP, this is pre pre war drums, you will see this abit later, give it some time, for them to focus on the western audience and start campaigns for war is the most important person in #Wuhancoronavirus . All humans only know Wengui? Guo Deyin is # ?? ? One of the most seen people in 2017-2019? Zhongnankeng doesn’t know much about him. This is the most important thing in the revolution.? Let ’s check what village the address of Wuhan P4 Research Institute was in the past.? Once Americans know Guo Deyin, Americans understand? Traffic continued to enter Beijing today, Dujiakan Toll Station. People in the country who have pneumonia should go to Beijing for treatment. There is the well-known Xiehe Hospital in the country, and the People’s Liberation Army 301 Hospital. A team of experts from Beijing Hospital can cure pneumonia. more mass movement since the 30th, let not forget about all the flights that have left china since 8th of DEC….. undertones here concerning a new UK empire Opening ceremony of 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan, China during oct watch from the torch of peace part on wards



there are other undercurrents at work here, simple as that.


also forgot event 201 Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 1, Intro and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Discussion 4 Nov 2019

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