Global Jewish Scum at work: #70 Million – Jews want to flood the West with 70 million “refugees”


[Look at this. Jews want to help 70 million refugees? How? By bringing them into the Western world? This race of shit needs to be removed from the west, preferably by white men with rifles. Jan]

#70million is a ten-day call from over 100 Jewish and Israeli organizations to take action around World Refugee Day in support of the over 70 million refugees, asylum seekers, and other displaced people around the world.

Jews worldwide are encouraged to support the cause by learning about the urgency of the refugee situation, donating to Jewish and Israeli organizations working with refugees, volunteering, advocacy, and more.

Why now? In the past year, the population of displaced persons has grown to the largest in history. An already vulnerable population, those forcefully displaced are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Refugees and asylum seekers who are trapped in overflowing camps and overcrowded cities around the world lack access to clean water, health care, and even clear information. For many, social distancing and regular hand washing are not an option.

Woman in hijab holding face masks.

Photo credit: IsraAID/Amnon Bikovsky

Why Jews? The #70million campaign draws on shared Jewish values and history to encourage the global Jewish community to act for the vulnerable: Jewish wisdom teaches to care for the stranger, to love them as ourselves. Jewish history is full of displacement and forced migration.


The #70million campaign is powered by OLAM, a platform of 50+ Jewish and Israeli international development organizations, and organized in partnership with American Jewish World Service, HIAS, IsraAID, JDC Entwine, Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, Repair the World, and World Jewish Relief. This campaign is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Schusterman Fellowship.

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