USA: White girl Brittanee Drexel: Kidnapped, Raped, Shot and Fed to Alligators by Blacks

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The horrific story of this pretty white American girl, should show you where Liberalism is taking the USA. HOWEVER, such horrific things ARE NEEDED in order to wake up the zombies. So these things must carry on, and more horrific stories must come out in order to wake whites up I'm afraid. This is the only way. We need to get all whites on the “same page”. Jan]

NB: Here are excellent comments from Red Ice, regarding this issue:

Editor’s Note: Brittanee Drexel was 17 years old. She was a product of Marxist anti-White brainwashing that told her to always trust blacks no matter what the situation, no matter what her gut feeling is, or it’s racist. She was told it’s cool and open minded to party with “diverse” friends, listen to gangster rap and twerk like the skanks on MTV. She was told to be a feminist and encouraged to be free sexually and if she doesn’t have sex with blacks, it’s racist.

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is rising.

A 17-year-old missing New York girl was gang raped, shot and thrown into an alligator pit after disappearing during spring break, an FBI agent says in court documents.

Brittanee Drexel was last seen in 2009 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she had gone on spring break without her parents’ knowledge.

FBI agent Gerrick Munoz provided the new account in court, the Charleston Post and Courier reports. It stems from an inmate’s story to police about what he says happened to Drexel.

For years, family and friends have maintained hope that they would learn what happened to the teenager. Drexel’s parents, Dawn and Chad Drexel, went on Dr. Phil’s program on October 7, and discussed those allegations. Her mother said, “My heart just broke because Brittanee didn’t deserve this,” according to UK Daily Mail.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Videos Captured the Last Moments of Brittanee Drexel Before She Disappeared
Brittanee Drexel on Video the Night Before She Disappeared (2009)Brittanee Drexel on video the night before she disappeared.2015-03-04T05:04:05.000Z

Brittanee’s last days were captured on video, including one taken the day before she disappeared in Myrtle Beach (see above).

This compilation video below shows surveillance video that captured the teenager walking out of the Bluewater Hotel where she was staying on April 25, 2009. She was leaving the hotel to go back to another hotel where she was staying.

Police had said previously that Brittanee went to the Bluewater hotel to see a friend from Rochester, Peter Brozowitz, who was staying there with friends, according to WCSC. She stayed 10 minutes. Police said Brozowitz and his friends were not suspects.

The Disappearance of Brittanee DrexelI created a “quick version” of the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel. Brittanee Drexel was a 17-year old high school junior who went missing from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on the evening of April 25, 2009. Her whereabouts are still unknown. Sources: Disappeared TV Series – Season 2, Episode #1: “The Secret Journey” – Original Air Date: October 4, 2010 Trentemøller. “Take Me Into Your Skin.” The Last Resort. By Anders Trentemøller. Trentemøller. Rec. 9 October 2006. Anders Trentemøller, 2006. MP3. entry.html2015-12-25T09:26:39.000Z

Drexel was never seen alive again.

After she vanished, Drexel’s cellphone pinged the next day “near the South Santee River, between McClellanville and Georgetown.”

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2. An FBI Agent Says the Inmate Described What Happened to Brittanee in a ‘Jailhouse Confession’
Brittanee Drexel
Brittanee Drexel. (Facebook)

The Post & Courier obtained the statement of FBI agent Gerrick Munoz who “gave the first detailed account of what investigators think happened to 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel after she disappeared in 2009.”

The newspaper said it had obtained Munoz’s statement via a federal court transcript, and described a statement Munoz said the FBI obtained from a prison inmate who claimed in a “jailhouse confession” he was there when Brittanee died.

According to the newspaper, the transcript describes an inmate named Taquan Brown telling investigators he saw another man, identified as Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, who was then 16, “sexually abusing Brittanee Drexel” at a “stash house” in Walterboro.

He said that Drexel tried to flee but was caught and pistol whipped, and he heard two shots he assumed was her being killed. “Then the girl’s body was wrapped up and taken away,” the statement said, according to the Post-Courier.

According to WYFF4, the judge “ordered Taylor released on $10,000 bail” and Taylor’s mother, Joan, said the story is false and “craziness.”

3. Investigators Said in June That Brittanee Was Held Against Her Will for Days
News conference on Brittanee Drexel disappearanceFBI officials released new details on Wednesday in the case of missing Chili teen Brittanee Drexel… Story:

In a June news conference, investigators revealed that the teen was kidnapped and held against her will for days after she disappeared.

At that time, authorities were vague, but they said they had information that people had seen Brittanee for several days after she disappeared. There is a $25,000 being offered for information leading to a conviction in her case.

The Post-Courier says the inmate’s confession came out in a bond hearing on a charge his lawyer says was designed to “pressure him into confessing and helping the government.” The newspaper says the other people named in the statement deny the inmate’s account.

WCSC says police had previously considered human trafficking as a motive.

4. Brittanee’s Body Was Fed to Alligators, the Informant Claims
Several Facebook pages are devoted to finding Brittanee Drexel. (Facebook/Missing Brittanee Marie Drexel)

After shooting Brittanee, the men took her to an alligator-infested swamp and put her body in it, the inmate claimed, according to The Democrat Chronicle.

“Several witnesses have told us Miss Drexel’s body was placed in a pit, or gator pit, to have her body disposed of. Eaten by the gators,” said the transcript. Brittanee’s body has never been found.

5. Brittanee Was From New York & Was a High School Student at the Time of Her Disappearance

FBI: Prison inmate shares disturbing details in Brittanee Drexel case.

Brittanee was from Chili, New York, and she had gone to Myrtle Beach for spring break. Drexel was a student at Gates-Chili High School when she disappeared.

She had gone to Myrtle Beach without her parents knowing. Her family had thought she was at a beach in New York State instead. Brittany had gone to Myrtle Beach with three friends, even though her mother had previously warned her that she something might happen to her if she did.


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