Jews are breeding upwards & Whites are breeding downwards…


From a DNA perspective, and a critically important factor, is the trend of breeding, especially with respect to IQ. If you look at the Jews in Europe over the centuries you will see that they have interbred into German and other high IQ parts of our race. e.g. Nordics, etc.

But whites are breeding outside of our own race, and in some respects breeding downwards.

Ultimately the IQ issue is the most critical, and DNA is like having "gold" or "diamonds" in your body if you will.

Also, in modern times, due to the terrible effects of feminism on white women has also caused another disaster: High IQ white women, who should be having a lot of babies … are NOT. So the lower IQ women are having bigger families.

If you look at our race closely and our breeding practises, they are not good. We really need to change the way we think as white men and white women. Children are everything, as Hitler pointed out. Children are everything and our entire culture is screwing up big time on this matter.

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