US: WHITE AMERICANS LEARN FROM THIS: Pentagon diversity chief receives no disciplinary action after probe into anti-White posts – My Comments

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Pentagon diversity chief receives no disciplinary action after probe into anti-White posts

The Pentagon’s diversity, equity and inclusion chief, Kelisa Wing, said, ‘If another Karen tells me about her feelings… I might lose it…’

By Hannah Grossman | Fox News

EXCLUSIVE – The Pentagon said it will issue no disciplinary action to its former diversity, equity and inclusion chief – Kelisa Wing – over a series of divisive statements about White people, according to a Thursday letter to Rep. Elise Stefanik’s office, who sits on the House Armed Services Committee.

Wing was appointed as diversity, equity and inclusion chief at the Pentagon’s education wing – the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) – in 2021. She was involved in curriculum at DoDEA, which services over 60,000 military-connected children at 160 schools around the globe.

Wing has stated that her goal was to "tear down the system" in education. When asked about whether it was time for a "racial reckoning" and "revolution," she responded in the affirmative.

Wing was put under probe by the Pentagon on Sept. 17 over tweets which referred to White people as "Karen[s]."

"I’m exhausted at these white fox in these [professional development] sessions," she said.

"[T]his lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too… I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS… [W]e are not the majority, we don’t have power," Wing said in a tweet.

"Caudacity" is a slang term that is used to describe audacity demonstrated by White people.

On another occasion, Wing responded to a user who said, "I am exhausted by 99% of the white men in education and 95% of the white women. Where can I get a break from white nonsense for a while?"

Wing responded, "If another Karen tells me about her feelings… I might lose it…"

The Pentagon repeatedly dragged its feet at releasing the findings of the investigation. The Under Secretary of Personnel and Readiness – Gil Cisneros – was presented with the findings starting in October.

Cisneros said Thursday that the Pentagon "determined the employee ws speaking in a personal capacity… As a result, the Director, DoDEA took no disciplinary action. Separately, as part of headquarters restructuring, the employee was reassigned to another position that does not include diversity, equity and inclusion-specific responsibilities."

She denied her posts were divisive, stating, "No, I did not make disparaging comments against White people."

"I would never categorize an entire group of people to disparage them."

As a result of these tweets, 22 House Republicans – demanded "immediate action" to investigate the former diversity chief for "egregious bias."

"This woke ideology is destroying our military and poisoning the minds of American children," Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., had said.

"If President Biden wants to know why he has a recruitment problem and low morale, he need look no further," Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., commented.

"This is very intentional. They’ve put her in this place because [the Defense Department] is another institution that [the Biden administration] has every intention of tearing down," former CIA director, Mike Pompeo, said.

In June 2021, Biden signed an executive order which "reinvigorate[d]… the approach… first established in the Obama-Biden Administration" and directed all federal agencies to "establish or elevate Chief Diversity Officers," among other priorities.

A few months later, Wing was selected for the high-ranking position that was involved in "every aspect" if the Pentagon’s schools for military-connected children – including curriculum, professional development and hiring.

Kelisa Wing, a DEI chief officer at the Department of Defense education wing — known as DoDEA — said that she is a "woke administrator.

Fox News Digital also found that on two occasions Wing promoted the anti-police book "Between the World and Me" by Ta-Nehisi Coates while representing herself as an employee of the Pentagon’s education wing.

Coates called in 9/11 responders "menaces." He said, "They were not human to me. Black, white, or whatever, they were menaces of nature; they were the fire, the comet, the storm, which could — with no justification — shatter my body."

Wing also advocated for "Between the World and Me" to be used in classrooms in 2018.

The Pentagon was one of the targets of radical Islamic terrorists on September 11th; 125 people in the Pentagon and 59 people aboard American Airlines Flight 77 were killed.

Wing — has also co-created children’s books that said that White people must confess their privilege and were de facto hurting Black people by being benefactors of unearned advantages.

"White privilege hurts a lot of people. If you are White you might feel bad about hurting others or you might feel afraid to lose this privilege," the book, "What is White Privilege?" said.

It said that, "Overcoming White privilege is a job that must start with the White community."

"[W]ill you really feel good at the end of the race when you look back and see others fighting obstacles that you didn’t even have?" the book added.

The book was reportedly taken down for review along with other radical-left titles by a Florida district, according to a nonprofit that monitors books taken down from the shelves.

"Honored to be involved with work that causes good trouble," Wing said on Twitter about the report.

Kelisa Wing tweets about her book being banned.

"What is White Privilege?" also encourages White kids to "unpack" their "backpack" of privilege and referenced an article by Peggy McIntosh that said that White women are "justly seen as oppressive" and "enjoy unearned skin privilege."

McIntosh’s article also lamented that White students are not taught in schools to see themselves as "an oppressor," a "participant in a damaged culture" and "unfairly advantaged."

"This is a popular phrase that means to think about all the advantages you have every day because you are White," the children’s book said about privilege.

The book provides children with an assignment to create an "identity map" and question "What parts of my identity have provided me with privilege?"

The book also stated that White people must "spend" their privilege by becoming social justice activists. "Address how your identity can help you achieve racial justice."

"There is hope! By learning more about White privilege we can work to spend it," the book said. "Privilege is like extra money in your pocket that you didn’t earn."

Wing has also co-written a children’s book about defunding the police, in which she explains to a young audience the differences between abolishing, defunding, disbanding and reforming police with anti-racist policies.

Some of Wing’s children books she co-created contain misleading information or glaring omissions.

For example, "What is Black Lives Matter?" said "almost all" the protests after George Floyd’s murder were "peaceful." However, according to Axios, the pro-BLM riots that erupted in 2020 amounted to more than $1 billion in damages, "the most expensive in insurance history."

When Wing was promoted to chief in December 2021, the DoD said Wing "has been involved with diversity, equity and inclusion efforts for students and schools over many years, authoring several books on the topic."

The director of DoDEA, Thomas Brady, said, "Kelisa Wing is exactly the right person to lead our efforts in building on the foundational work done to support meaningful change in our organization."

"This new position will take a holistic approach to identifying and improving how we integrate the practice of diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of DoDEA, from curriculum and assessment to hiring and professional development," he continued.

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