AFRICANCRISIS: Blacks kill 30,000 Elephants – SA Salaries & Murders over 70 Years: Apartheid Vs Black Rule!


Here are articles from my latest AfricanCrisis newsletter.



o Splitting my websites: History Reviewed & AfricanCrisis: S.African current events!

o S.Africa: Whites being FIRED from their Jobs for various reasons

o 1936: INTENSE Jewish hate speech: Destroy the non-Jews, destroy Christianity & Catholicism & Rule the World!

o S.Africa: Judges give banks a grilling over home repossession practices

o S.Africa: State Arms Manufacturer: Eight killed in blast at munitions depot in Cape Town

o 4 Pics: Blacks kill 30,000 Elephants in Africa annually: Botswana 100 elephants killed for ivory recently

o S.Africa: President Ramaphosa makes $1.3 million at auction of wildlife from his massive farms!

o S.Africa: Rand plunges to new lows as sudden, unexpected shock recession sets in – Land reform?

o 2 Pics: S.Africa: Black Police steal copper cable…

o S.Africa: 5 Black ministers get houses worth $2 million – Furniture for $136,000

o 2 Charts: S.African Salaries & Murders over 70 Years: Apartheid Vs Black Rule! – Blacks & Jews LIED!!!

o Pic: The best Julius Malema meme of ALL TIME!

o 16 Pics: 6 September 1966: 50 Years ago today Jewish Communist assassin stabbed Dr Hendrik Verwoerd to death in parliament!


o Video: SA WAR: Black attacks: Whites houses burned down – also: Angus Buchan, Malema, DA & FW

o Video: Top Jewish Organisation behind Draconian Hate Speech Law In South Africa

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