To a Rhodesian: The fall of Rhodesia, the planned fall of South Africa – The Jew Kissinger’s Role

[This is from an email to a Rhodesian about some fascinating stuff that was published. Jan]

There is a section near the bottom where it says the demise of South Africa was planned years ahead. In fact, there are many interesting sections in the article, but that is one of the most important.

That story about the CEO and his diary like book fascinates me. Who is the author of that? I know Mike Walsh wrote Rhodesia’s death Europe’s funeral. But what you have there is very long and it covers many fascinating topics so here are my questions:-

1) Do you know or can you reveal more about the story that the demise of South Africa was planned?

2) That section about the Rhodesian soldiers being so angry they would have shot our leader is fascinating. I have wondered how many felt. I like it.

3) I disagree about the notion that Rhodesians weren’t supremacists, though almost every Rhodesian denies it. It was clear to me as a youngster that we thought the blacks were incapable of ruling. Though we did not openly speak of Apartheid, much about Rhodesia had definite elements (in a soft and firmer way) of supremacy. e.g. I think interracial marriage was outlawed. The non-whites lived in townships.

4) Are you, or anyone who writes on your website willing to do an interview with me where we can discuss some of these findings? The only thing I’m slightly critical of is (3). It would be nice to discuss things with Rhodesians, and nowadays, I have South Africans here keen to also listen about these things because our entire fate was intertwined.

I also came across a reference, though I’ve never published it, that Verwoerd, whom I admire deeply, and think was the greatest leader of whites in Africa of all time, with Ian Smith a close second, that he actually said he would rather have a strong black state in Rhodesia than a weak white one. I still don’t know WHY he said that. He was a sociologist and a professor. But having said that I think he would have backed us like no other and his assassination was a huge disaster, which I will return to.

It would be nice to speak Rhodesian to Rhodesian and if you have people willing to chat and we do an interview and publicise it then I think it will be very good. I like your website and I think you’re putting out good stuff.

AND I AGREE we must hit home to controversial stuff because here in SA the whites are getting ever more stressed.

I have some other thoughts about South Africa and what South Africa’s strategy was in the region. In the end, everyone was trying to save themselves and in the end we were all screwed.

I have got many additional thoughts I would like to discuss because I’ve been digging a lot into the Liberal mindset of the Americans. I think I’ve found the source of their thinking and WHY America is pushing all whites into multicultural mode and what they believe they will gain from it.

I have a much softer spot for the Europeans. I think that in the end, this is going to be a struggle between European racism and American multiculturalism. I think that is what we are looking at here. I would go so far as to say that we are clearly dealing with what I would call: RADICAL LIBERALISM. These Liberals are out to win … at all costs. They will smash other whites. And this thinking existed in America even before the Rhodesian crisis. It is an intellectual level of thinking that’s important.

I also think, in the final analysis, that whites everywhere do not realise how rampant this radical liberalism is and the lengths to which it will go inside America and everywhere.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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