ALL Whites think Wars are fought over right and wrong and that the world is run by LAWS


[All Whites totally misunderstand certain aspects of politics and life. We had some exchanges on the social media.  Jan]

Someone wrote:

"well why does Israel have to be an ethnostate?"

BS: "Because Jews need to have a homeland."

"But not whites?"

BS: "Fuck no, take death shots and brown that sh|t till you’re all fu¢king dead."

Someone wrote:

Yes, Whites, who are moral by nature, believe the world is run by Laws. But..

There is no Law, there is only Power.

The European peoples project their own values upon others, to their detriment, as all the others have no values. Well beyond, ‘what’s good for me is good’.

I wrote:

Most Whites think that wars are fought for moral reasons: Right vs Wrong. This is totally fallacious. ALL WARS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION ARE FOUGHT FOR POWER! POWER is the only game in town. Jews know it. Whites: We must seek WHITE POWER. It does not matter HOW. Ignore morality. The only morality is: WHITE SURVIVAL & WHITE EXPANSION. Nothing else matters.

I wrote:
All Whites think like slaves. We think about LAWS. That’s because Laws are for SLAVES. Jews and those with power know that POWER is everything. There is no right and wrong. There are only winners and losers. Observe nature. All of Earth and all of the Universe has only one law: POWER. WHITE POWER is long overdue. We need to get it.

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