The Worst Crime the European Race can commit … to think for themselves & to direct their own future!!!

One thing is quite obvious to me, in my own journey through life. I observe the truth about our people, our race, our history, and the terrible things that have brought us to this liberal state that we have been forced into. It is clearer than ever to me, that the White Race, is NOT ALLOWED to rule itself, and to decide its own future or to chart its own future.

This is very clear to me. Everywhere, in every nation, without exception, Whites have, foisted upon themselves, foreign thoughts, foreign conceptions, and foreign values.

The actual values of Whites, and especially, the ability to THINK FOR OURSELVES, is very much outlawed. We are not ALLOWED to think and act as a GROUP. This is the most critical thing that our enemies wish to stop at all times.

Our ability to think of ourselves AS A GROUP, with GROUP VALUES and GROUP GOALS … is something we are NOT ALLOWED TO DO.

We are not allowed to think in the slightest way in any of these directions.

The worst crime that we can commit, is to think of ourselves as a single entity. This is a BIG NO NO. We are NEVER allowed to think of ourselves as "The European Race". NEVER! We cannot even think about interbreeding, or intermarrying, or living together or planning a future, with goals for ALL OF US, that benefit ALL OF US. We are not allowed to do this. NEVER!

It is the greatest heresy and crime that we can commit.

But, EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT AND VALUABLE LIES IN THERE! If we do not do this, then we will surely be destroyed before long.

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