The TRUE WHITE English people … a message from Britain – What my Royal Navy Pal said about Whites in UK

[I got this message from Britain from a lady named Susie. It is good to hear that white British are awakening and I can understand their fear of big organisations. British Intelligence (no doubt aided by the Jews) will no doubt break up anything the white British do. There was a book that was written by a South African long ago called England under the Heel of the Jew – something like that, and it was BANNED in Britain. The British are not allowed to know how the Jews are ruling them! Anyway, its AWESOME to see White Brits standing up.

My one British pal who returned to Britain a few years ago and THEN LEFT BRITAIN to return to South Africa CAN YOU BELIEVE (He’s ex-Royal Navy I might add) … he left Britain when that black Muslim cut the head off that young white soldier in broad daylight. He said to me then, that the mere fact that the British were NOT OUTRAGED BY THAT proved to him that his own people are useless and worthless and will never save Britain.

But I see that he’s wrong. Carolyn Emerick, who is English, put that guy’s story as the motivation for her magazine Europa Sun! So yes, some white British are utterly outraged and I agree with that. Stand up, fight back… you’re not alone, the rest of us whites are struggling and clawing our way forward and some of you, like Dennis Wise and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Alison Chabloz are EXCELLENT EXAMPLES OF WHITES FIGHTING LIKE MAD! Add into that group, that wild white (awesome) Pagan woman: Carolyn Emerick!!! All of us whites must just stay on the ATTACK and try to claw our way out of this grave that the Jews tricked us into!

My final words are: MAKE BRITAIN WHITE AGAIN!! 14/88 Jan]

Here’s what susie wrote to me:

Subject: true English people.

Message: Hello Jan,

Just wanted to say that your work is fantastic , Many of us here in England (apart from the TRAITORS)

are sick and tired of what is going on ,Many look to see what is going on in South Africa and see the same happening in Britain .

Look what is going on also in Germany where my ancestors are ,A lovley country in ruins ugh.

Its not good in England to join big groups as many are invested by the THINGS ugh.

We whites have to stick together ,it matters not where we come from.

King Regards Susie.

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