Discussion: MAGA: Trump failed us & has LOST TOTALLY – But is the MAIN TRUMP STORY & TRAGEDY about to begin? – Will they even kill Trump?


This is from a discussion I was having. An American wrote:

To all,
Incredibly, people are still holding out hope that Donald from some bunker somewhere is using a secret code to start the mass arrests. He shocks the world by beating Hillary. Then, in his inauguration speech he looks the deep state in they eye and says that they’re next!!! He had 4 years to tell people the truth about 9/11. He’s had 4 years to tell people about geoengineering, the spraying of our skies leading to a collapsing eco system and corresponding weather warfare.

He’s had 4 years to reveal how the Rothchilds and their gang bribed, or threatened!], Woodrow Wilson leading to the Federal Reserve.

He continued to supposedly get bad info on Covid from the experts. Somehow he never got any info from the courageous men and women risking their lives to unveil the Corona hoax. He was thrilled to announce the "warp speed" vaccine. MAGA????

Folks, sociopaths get a charge out conning folks. They get a charge out of getting one over on folks. Professional wrestling has nothing on Washington D.C. The Donald is passing the popcorn

watching people fight for the rightful person to be in the White House. Some have already lost their jobs as their companies found out that they were there.

What to do?

Everyone is different. Every place we live is different. Start somewhere! After the Nashville bombing false flag, I wrote 4 letters to the editors in different TN newspapers. One just got published. I explained what a false flag is. I’ll send it to you if you like.

What to do? Start somewhere!

Many thanks to Joe for his diligence.
The Resistance lives!

My reply:-
I agree Trump is not in a bunker somewhere, where he’s going to win. I have some American friends who think all of this is part of some 3D or 4D chess game. I have been telling people for weeks that he’s lost, he’s been outmanoeuvred and he’s going to be out on the 20th. Now all his social media accounts have been shut down and I believe he might not even be able to do email shots any more.

Trump has obviously not been anything that we hoped for from a President. I have pointed out for long that when a private person becomes the president for the first time, he is inside a system that contains things he’s not come across before. The state is not like a company or a business. I have been wondering what Trump would be like after his Presidency, when he’s back in business. I have wondered if Trump found the system different to what he expected and whether he is better as a person who functions by himself.

There are parts of him that show promise. It is as if he tries to do something and then others tell him that as the head of state he must say certain things. For example his denunciation of the 6th January events.

Maybe Trump was just defeated by the system. He thought it was like a business, and he found it to be much more different.

There seems to have been a lame attempt at pushing for more radical action – e.g. General Flynn’s pardon and what he said.

None of this excuses Trump. But I’m still curious about Trump and what will come of this stolen election business. I like this a LOT – especially the anger it has generated.

More importantly is what happens to the Trump supporters when they realise that all their hopes were dashed?

One thing I am observing among a number of Americans I know, is that I think they are partly in a state of shock because US politics is moving in directions that are totally unfamiliar. And their reactions are just like that of us Whites in Southern Africa – in Rhodesia, SA and the Portuguese territories. When you are f*cked over, right in your face for the first time, you do not know how to react to it. In some respects people are in a state of shock. They are seeing something in America that THEY NEVER EXPECTED. This massively stolen election for example. Never in the history of your country has anything like this happened. And I will bet you that the vast majority of people don’t know what to expect when it fails. Trump himself bet the farm on the courts and suddenly, all his court moves totally flopped.

I wonder if Trump’s losses are linked to all those Jews so close to him who knew him so well. Did those Jews explain EXACTLY HOW HE THINKS and thus, his EVERY MOVE was countered. Every move Trump has made since the election has hit a straight brick wall. One day, no doubt, the Liberals and Jews will come out and they will BOAST about how they took Trump down. Who planned it. Who was doing what. You’ll hear about the "Heroes" who defeated Trump.

But the Trump supporters, the Trumptards if you will, REMAIN and they hoped for things and believed in things … and I see the "Trumptards" if you will, as people who need to be brought into our movement. I see a massive opportunity here, for us to reach out to the Trump supporters and to suck them in. ALL BAD THINGS ARE OPPORTUNITIES TO WIN NEW SUPPORTERS. THE WORST SITUATION IS TO JUST CARRY ON AS NORMAL. That is the worst and hardest situation in which to function. The BIG PROBLEM in those situations is convincing people that something is wrong. When everything ticks by smoothly, then people say: But nothing is wrong… You want me to believe this secret nonsense is going on? But, when BIG BOLD THINGS HAPPEN then everyone notices it – they have to. Just look for example at 911 and the many many things that came out of 911. Trump may have failed as a president, but the means by which he was removed is unprecedented. Even normal people will begin asking questions.

BAD THINGS and DISASTERS and UNSETTLING things are EXCELLENT. These are wonderful opportunities to seize on. This is the time when you can convert people like crazy. As Alex Linder has pointed out, and I too have seen, that all you need is ANYTHING that red pills a person and begins the motion away from being a "normie" … and once you go down that path REGARDLESS OF THE TOPIC … then those people become ever more open to new ideas. If 911 happened … was it Jews … was it Israel … Could Hitler have been right? … Good Lord they lied about the holocaust … Are we all really Equal? … and so it goes. Once people break out of the system they are ready to be converted.

A very clever Boer I worked with in the mid 1980s said this to me back then. He told me that YOU CANNOT CONVERT MOST PEOPLE. You can’t because their minds are made up. He said that there comes a time in someone’s life where they begin to doubt themselves and then for a short period of time you have a time window during which THEY ARE OPEN TO NEW IDEAS. If you grab them during that time period then they will consider other things.

That is how people are. THEY NEED TO BE SHAKEN TO BE SHOCKED TO BE UNSETTLED … AND THEN WE NEED TO BE THERE TO POUNCE ON THEM AND HIT THEM WITH OUR INFO. I will bet you that someone who believes in the stolen election will be willing to reconsider 911 or Hitler or race or anything else.

It is irrelevant whether Trump failed us or not. But Trump drew crowds like no political personality and he said strange things like "fake news fake news". We can seize on that.

However, my interest in Trump remains now that they’ve totally shut him up and I want to see what happens. Are they able to silence him totally or does he need to be jailed or even murdered in the years to come? I think if he remains a nuisance and threatens the system that they would even consider murdering him. The odds at stake are too huge. Its control of the USA. Heck, the North was willing to wage war on the South in order to save the Union. Heck, they were willing to break the constitution and kill their own White brothers and sisters … do you think they would not be willing to murder Trump? For sure. I think they would jail Trump or even murder him if he continues to remain a problem. They can murder him and make it look like a natural death – that’s old hat stuff – the Soviet Union was doing that decades ago already.

Trump could in some ways, end up like Dr Verwoerd of South Africa – Murdered, and forgotten. Then the country is pushed forward on the wrong path.

I think for the system, that Trump’s persona and his ability to command an audience and work them up makes him very dangerous.

Trump also shows a lack of understanding of some things. He might continue to be a wild cannon showing bitterness (and rightly so), and they may decide its best to shut him the f*ck up.

It might be possible that this massively stolen election and perhaps even what happens AFTER TRUMP LEAVES OFFICE will be the beginning of things that were more important and long lasting than when Trump was in office.

While he was in office everyone waited for him to do things which he did not do. But maybe the real action and tragedy will play out once he leaves office. The REAL TRUMP STORY MIGHT ONLY BEGIN NOW!

I am going to watch Trump as much as possible once he leaves. Unless they find a way to silence him through other means. I had thought they had him by the balls, but now I don’t think so. I think he’s a loose cannon. And if he’s not careful, they’ll really destroy him. I think they are DEFINITELY OUT TO DESTROY HIM. Trump’s punishment is coming. Mark my words, and they will then be trying to destroy everyone linked to him. But this will be very good.

We have NOT seen the last word on the Trump presidency. It might end when he is in a casket.


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