The War for South Africa has not yet begun … The Last Battle has NOT yet been fought!

I posted this on the social media to other whites:

The WAR for whites in South Africa has not yet started. Many whites are busy with different ideas. There is a serious guy busy with a secession project for the Northern/Western Cape to secede. Whites are definitely now bouncing around with different ideas and plans. THE WAR FOR SOUTH AFRICA IS YET TO COME … and this time you’ll see some very different things. The last battle has NOT YET BEEN FOUGHT! You’ve NOT seen the last of the Whites/Boers of SA. The FIGHT is yet to come.

2 thoughts on “The War for South Africa has not yet begun … The Last Battle has NOT yet been fought!

  • 14th January 2020 at 2:39 am

    I hope I won’t be disappointed. All these conservatives are pissing me off with their cucked way of dealing with our problems. These people are potential traitors and should be carefully watched.

  • 14th January 2020 at 1:52 am

    South Africa IS, IS let me repeat, IS the future white ethnostate – the first one of its kind.

    The importance of South Africa not for the whites but for the future of white Christian (even though Jan is not a christian) civilization or European civilization.

    When the Rand collapses, the war begins simple as that because at that point in time, the whites will have woken up. South Africa will be the first to go into this thing world wide.

    South Africa IS the future. If South Africa goes, so does the west. All you have to do is view it from a geopolitical event to see, if the southern most tip of Africa is lost to the East, Russia or the Arabs, we enter back into the dark ages. The Sea route controlled, then the Suez canal controlled, China controlling South China Sea, controlling the one road belt initiative.

    Its simple, this is why dont play games with the almighty. The West Screwed Rhodesia & South Africa & yet their entire future now hangs on what happens in South Africa.

    Those key minerals the US uses for its technology come from South Africa. The sea route allows Europe to get fresh food & secures a sea route if ever the med sea ever gets cut off.

    This is on the only time in Europe there has been such long lasting peace. We know this wont last for long & there is a lot of bad blood that needs to be settled since 1948.

    Africa/Mid east invading Euorpe, Russia rising, Turkey taking Libya. Well, South Africa is about to get very, very hot.

    If South Africa falls, then Europe will be weakened and America further weakend.

    They have no choice now to get involved, not for the whites but their own future. The whites better figure out how to play their cards right here, we could easily demand that if they need our assistance they hand over weapons and anything we need.

    This will truly be, no pun intended our one and only true trump card to play for high stakes, our very future and survival.

    Once all is said and done, the Whites woken up to the fact that multiculturalism destroys nations, destroys the white man, that the white man only has one true friend and that is himself.

    If South Africa falls completely into the hands of the Arabs, commies or some other hand, it is over for Europe and America. You dont have to be a prophet to see it, just see the sea route, pull up a map and think about it.

    Turkey controlls the med with Libya blocking off the suez canal.
    China takes Southern Africa, Indian Ocean.

    Half the world will be cut off.

    This is what happens when white men are short term thinkers to simply throw the whites in Southern Africa under the bus.

    Cyril said, the previous white government was weak, pathetic. This time, he will not be dealing with a government but die Boerevolk. When the shit hits the fan, when the Rand collapses, these pampered floppies for hte past century are going to literally shit themselves, starvation will almost immediatly kick in and there is going to be chaos.

    Whites thrive through chaos. Chaos grows us, embrace it. These things cannot, CANNOT even function in a half governed system, imagine how they will fair during complete chaos, devalued rand??

    That will be our time to take back what is ours. There has never been in the history of South Africa a single black king or queen rule past the fish river prior to 1850 or ever, the Western portion of south africa is the white mans territory simple as that!


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