Marriage in the Modern Age is a Expired Ancient Failed Tradition – My Comments


[This is quite a good article about the matter. The conclusions are somewhat up in the air. I have formed ever firmer views on these matters with time, thought and my studies of our history. Most of our systems have broken down due to other changes, almost all of which come from the fake state of the world. All our systems were born out of HARDSHIP and HARDSHIP is a key element in our history and lives. Those solutions will work again. What is also tied to this is LEADERSHIP, and VALUES. All our stuff has collapsed because all those foundational aspects have collapsed. But, we can EASILY re-evolve our systems. What is needed is a proper response to the threats around us. Many of these responses are already partly in place. Don't give up hope yet. We have a rich history and if we had the leadership, we could do many amazing things. We're not dead yet. BUT hardship will assist us in moving forward. Jan]

Marriage used to be a great thing, it used to bond people together and make strong long-lasting families “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part”. Now the family unit and marriage is at the end of its life after 2000 years of perfection under Jesus Christ’s religion of human perfection. It wasn’t only the family which was perfect but society too was better as families used to bond with other families too.

Up until the 80s or so, it was very customary and traditional that married couples bond and form very strong relationships with other near-by married couples, they would travel together, meet for a barbecue, watch a movie together, garden, play some sports, etc.

These were the golden times of 20 century… however marriage in the 21 century is impossible due to a great amount of variables. People deep down inside they still desire the same life their parents and grandparents had, a simplistic but happy life, nowadays that seems like an impossible to achieve nightmare.

What’s causing this?

The main factor which is driving this without any buts and ifs, is the advancement of technology. Phones, tablets, computers, laptops, consoles, now nobody needs anyone when they have their little gadget. The more complex life is becoming, the more harmful it becomes towards families. So advancement of technology is the main key factor of the decline in normal social relationships, including friendships not just marriage. Notice that in primitive societies of third world countries divorces are not as big of an issue as they are in the first world. Russia is the only exception to the rule which despite not being rich divorces are the highest in the world but that’s a product of communism and similar divorce rates are found in neighboring former communist countries. Why are there so many divorces in former communist states? It’s simple, it’s because it was there where feminism was implemented the most as a societal experiment. While the US was still largely traditional in the 50’s-80’s with many women being housewives, in the communist states all women were forced into labor. If someone finished studies and didn’t have a job for a few months or so, they would get a knock on the door from the police asking “hey why aren’t you working? hope you’re not involved in some nefarious illegal activities”. If you would have said “I can’t find a job” like it is the case in today’s world, they would find and offer you a few jobs (related to your studies of course) to choose from. Like for example they wouldn’t take a man who finished medical studies and offer him engineering jobs. They would offer jobs related to their studies and diplomas. Accepting a job from the list they brought wouldn’t be optional but mandatory as work and workers were celebrated in communism as the number one goal and not having a job was seen as a parasite of society. That’s good, actually very very very good compared to today’s world where the state doesn’t care if you find a job or not, if you are starving or not, you are on your own, you can succeed or fail and nobody cares, but the problem which led to the divorce catastrophe in communist states is that they did the same with women. As men, all women were forced to work which brings us to factor number 2.


Factor number 2: Feminism and the inclusion of women in the workforce. As life becomes more and more complex than used to be, women have been granted liberties and powers which no longer require men in any way shape or form. Women are independent creatures, they are given jobs in the most cases even at the detriment of discriminating against men with many companies and corporations mainly preferring to hire women instead of men. What this does, is making women NOT NEED men and while this could be seen as good that they too are given a chance to self-sustain, the fact of the matter is that the woman is BIOLOGICALLY engineered to rely on the man since the ancient times and women respect the man as a provider of resources but now since they produce their own resources this is a perfect recipe for disaster. This behavioral patter can be observed in many animals which bond together as well where the mail is a provider.

Because life is becoming extremely complicated by technology men can no longer keep up with the times and the expectations women have due to societal norms, including even little things like traveling which 100 years ago wasn’t even a thing, nobody really traveled on a yearly basis to visit foreign countries for relaxation, fun, selfies for social media, this has become accessible also due to technology such as airplanes, making traveling easier but not necessarily affordable. Women want what others around them have, they want a constant influx of resources and because they entered the resources race salaries have dropped and while the man earned enough to sustain his entire family now because there are more slaves to work for the system, salaries dropped to all time low everywhere in the West. To add salt over the injury if a woman earns more than a man sooner or later she will realize how much she doesn’t care about that man and say nonchalantly out-loud. These are cases that even despite vast riches which nobody could ever dream off, women have still sought to divorce such as in the case of Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. These women had everything yet they felt like they didn’t need their men anymore because they know the state is going to award them with as much as half of their riches. The woman does not necessarily love the man as the man loves the woman. The woman stays with the man out of a biological urge to have access to his resources but if she feels that she can take his resources and run away, she WILL.

Society has left the traditional Christian way, the way of the woman not having the rights she has now, the rights to have a job and produce her own resources, the rights to divorce, the rights to grab the man’s riches as she divorces, the rights to get the kids too and so on. As we are steering away from traditionalism and Christian values, disaster is replacing what once was a perfect stable world. The woman has been awarded with vast powers yet women still want more as many are shouting around the world demanding more rights, more resources. Men are being left out of the work force


Notice how the chart from above coincides with this one below:


According to some statistics, divorces are now decreasing in the last 5 years or so, what they aren’t telling you is that because marriages are down also. Fewer marriages, fewer divorces…

Factor number 3: Cheating. This is not only a USA problem or a Western problem, but a world problem. Cheating is also increasing and as you guessed it, most cheaters are men:


So there you have it, it’s also the fault of men, or maybe not… yes maybe not, there’s more to it than meets the eye. At the root of increase in cheating, at fault is again the woman. How, why? It’s simple, really, as women were more modest in the past and dressed more modestly, men wouldn’t lust after them, thus having stable relationships and marriages but now as narcissist women sexualize themselves to the point of marrying themselves and walking around in public showing all their body shapes:



Of course men lust after them and they cheat as men are program to desire women according to how they look, they do not even care if they are stupid or even downright pure evil as long as they are attractive they want them so it’s really easy for women to attract men, all they have to do these days is to sexualize themselves. Back in the past when such clothing was forbidden and unthinkable, obviously there weren’t as many cheatings and divorces. So it’s also women at the root of causing cheating and not really men. It is easier and cheaper for a woman to buy a bunch of skimpy clothes and show her body shapes than it is for a man to attract a woman. Women do not really care how men look, women are after the money and resources. Men would be shocked to know that at their core, all women are actually gold diggers, not just some, but all. So it is harder for a man to display his wealth than it is for a woman to display her fertility thus women being at fault making men to cheat.

Factor number 4: Loss of religion. The lack and loss of religion in human life is also negatively changing how people perceive things in life and what is important to them and what is not, materialist oriented couples will definitely argue more often than spiritual oriented couples. The less religious people are becoming the more prone to fighting and arguing over money they will be. A perfect life is impossible though, even if you choose to live in a village somewhere or alone in the forest, you will still argue with your spouse but at least you won’t argue over looking at other women or cheating, or you won’t argue over not being able to buy the latest car, or not being able to fly this year to Bahamas and all kinds of things which are out of your powers, things which can lead to divorce and not only that but increases the stress factor in your life and stress is one of the main causes of many health problems. At least in the village or in the forest you will argue over simple things like “why didn’t you chop all the wood today and only half of them? why didn’t you feed the ducks earlier? why didn’t you milk the cow later not now? why didn’t you collect the eggs from the chicken today? why this why that?” Sure there will be arguments too as its part of normal human life because we are all tainted by the sin of Satan and a life without arguments as a human is impossible but in comparison, the sins of the cosmopolitan life vs the sins of the peasant life are enormous. Big sins vs small sins. At least these are things which you can do while cosmopolitican expectations are things which are out of your power, things which frustrate and stress people over not being able to do them and not even thinking as to WHY? They just want to do it because others around them do it. Remember God is closer to village people than he is to city people. If you could ask God right now what he thinks of city people, rest assured that he would disavow them completely. Even similar sins are not as bad in the village than in the city. Let’s take cheating for example. Let’s say a married man goes and sleeps with another woman in the village vs a man sleeping with another woman in the city. Which one do you think God would hate the most? Definitely BOTH as God hates sin yet the village sin would be smaller because at least in the village she’s going to remain pregnant and give birth to a beautiful baby whom God will love, the father might (or might not) even provide for the baby but in the city? What would the woman do? Go and make an abortion, a crime, murdering her own baby. Furthermore, in the village the adulterous man would most likely be forgiven by his wife while in the city it will definitely end up with a divorce committing yet another sin on top of the first sin and this is the life in the city, a vile disgusting demonic life which is disavowed by God in its entirety. There is redemption of the soul in the village through hard work in the field and with animals, commitment and prayer to God, but in the city, chances are slim for salvation. Damnation is all that cities can offer.


Women would be happier staying home, taking care of the house and the kids while the man just brought the cash but now you cannot persuade women into voluntarily staying home. This has got to be turned around from the top by the leaders who created this mess in the first place. Just as the cause for breaking the institution of marriage, was the elites who wanted more labor for less money by the inclusion of women in the workforce and now further breaking it down by increasing the number of immigrants which will also increase the number of workers for less money, it is the same elites who can fix this broken system, only they can fix this mess which they created. You simply cannot expect women to voluntarily exit the workforce and even if they all did just that, salaries would still not be enough for men to provide for their families as they used to in the past due to immigrants also competing for jobs. So as a solution politicians could reverse some of this mess by returning women back home and immigrants back to their countries but the problem is we’re not sure politicians even see this as a problem. They don’t care about you or anything else for that matter, all they care for is money. Religion, more church power and implication into society could also help return a sense of normalcy. Religious leaders must be allowed to rule and issue laws, they must also become aggressive and issue punishments both physical and sentimental.

Renouncing the modern world to go and live somewhere isolated, a very very primitive life just like in the movie The Village could also help have a normal life where you are guaranteed NOT to cheat and NOT to get a divorce. You don’t need to create a fake isolated village just like in the movie, they already exist in some parts of the world such as in East Europe:


Obviously the most difficult part about this is convincing a woman to live such a life. Yet to your astonishment, there are such people, there are such women, but don’t bring a TV with you, don’t complicate your life, the less you have to worry about, the less you will argue about. Simple life brings happiness, joy and fulfillment, complexity and complex life brings misery, pain and suffering. Let them build their cities made out of glass skyscrapers, let them fly their jets and their tanks, let them inject themselves with vaccines, let them drink chemical juices and eat processed foods filled with chemicals. Remember your roots, you are not an aristocrat, you are not a nobleman, you are most likely a peasant, the son and daughter of a son and daughter who once were peasants. You don’t need to participate in their miserable system which they broken down in order to be happy. You do not need to travel and see Paris, you do not need to see the Caribbean islands. At the end of these trips you will feel an empty hole, in your subconscious, you will realize that it was all meaningless and in the end the Eiffel tower is just a metal structure which does not make you any happier, the Egyptian pyramids are just stones of ancient pagans in conflict with God. It would be great if technology would have never been invented but how could we disarm all the nations of the world? How could we make NATO, Russia, China and all others destroy their weapons and return to the age of the sword? We can’t, therefore you the only solution you have as individual, is self isolation, like these people here:

It might look like poverty but this “poverty” creates a natural happiness you could never experience in the city. Look at how happy and fulfilled they all are but some of them are making a mistake such as bringing internet and smartphones with them… they are happy obviously but their children could become curious and maybe even rebellious at teenage years, wanting more, wanting to get to know the outside world of cars, concrete everywhere. Its better to just leave audio-video technology behind altogether. You can take any other technology though, washing machine, refrigerator and other home appliances, just no communication and entertainment devices.


We do not want to bash the divine institution of marriage in the head with a hammer but on the other hand it has already been bashed and destroyed by everyone around us, by communist states and now by capitalist states. It has been reduced meaningless societal disaster. Marriage itself was good and could be good but not in current world we live in. In the current world we live in, it’s a mockery of what it once was and a disaster for both men and women. It is a social disaster which has inevitably led to the decrease in birthrates, decrease in marriages, everything is collapsing around you but worry not, you have a smartphone now so who cares??? It’s all in the name of tech and working like slaves for the system, it’s for the greater good.

Sadly, the current situation has no fix, patch, update, nothing. As time will pass and everything normal will collapse, die and rot, the generations which will follow will probably at some point repair everything willingly or unwillingly like Einstein said, World War 3 will be fought with nukes and World War 4 with sticks and stones. Humanity will have to return to that point, a great reset, back to the age of the sword, only then normalcy will return. Everything is now wrecked beyond the point of repair so your only solution is to flee the city life. Go and live close to nature, you and your family will learn to love the simple life more than anything.

Family and marriage is NOT EXPIRED, DEAD or OUTDATED in its ORIGINAL FORM, in a normal world, but marriage is simply just not possible anymore in the modern world. You cannot successfully have a long lasting marriage in this rotten corrupt world. What you need to do is either give up on marriage and live a meaningless life of debauchery and sin which will get you a ticket straight to hell, OR you can and you SHOULD continue to uphold the divine marriage of God but give up on the modern world and go live a simple traditional life in the wild or in a village. Hopefully you would choose the latter.


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