Azov Battalion Atrocities or Russian Propaganda? – My Comments

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This is an excellent American White Racial Website and organisation. This comes from the work of the late Great Dr William Pierce

[I had a very angry South African sending me videos of apparent Azov Battalion atrocities. I told him that he is surely getting mightily worked up over "atrocities". You find them in any war. And if you want to judge a war by "atrocities" then you're living in a dream world. I am a supporter of Azov Battalion. Those people are our people and they are genuine NAZIs. The Russians want to destroy them, and I have wondered if their own elite on their own side are knifing them in the back. I would have liked to have someone from Azov come and give their side of the story. I don't trust the Russians. I am amazed that a South African is so emotional about this, because the Russians were our PRIME ENEMY. Probably 95% of White South Africans who died during the Border War and Angolan war, etc were killed by Russian weapons and the Russians were on the side of the Blacks then, and still are to this day. But here are the links the South African sent me. They are all on Telegram. The Russians have a long history of killing of their own. They killed millions of Ukrainians in the Holodomor, and they slaughtered 60 million Whites during communism. Jan]

Here they are:-

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