Gun Control: A huge Jewish Lie from WW2: It was Democracies fighting Dictators – My Comments

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An American sent me some brilliant memes from the USA. They’re truly awesome. I will post many of them. But one which irked me was about gun control and dictators. It was about the notion that dictators want people unarmed so as to kill them. This is pure rubbish.

I wrote this to the American:

BTW the only one that is total nonsense is the one about dictators prefer unarmed citizens.

That’s a piece of jewey nonsense. None of the dictators of modern history, in Germany, Spain or Italy ever went and slaughtered their own citizens.

That’s just the Jewish holocaust talking there. total rubbish. Hitler was teaching men and boys how to shoot.

The entire story that “ww2 is about democracy vs dictators” is pure bs.

All the “dictators” were elected by the people and their dictatorial powers even came to them through the system.

They did not break the laws.

The reason they needed to be dictators is because JEWISH COMMUNISM was busy causing civil war inside the countries.

That is why Hitler needed the SA. The “spanish civil war” was a COMMUNIST INVASION.

The notion that ww2 was “democracy vs dictators” is pure horse shit.

It was “Jews with their fake democratic puppets versus white patriots who were trying to save their countries.”

All of them cared for their people. Franco bent over backwards to reduce the killing. He even slowed down the war to save the lives of the Spanish.

Any “gun control = hitler/dictators” type stuff is nonsense. Its the one thing we should really not be passing around. It is a Jewish lie.

Dictators were necessary because there was Jewish communism, terrorism and even outright assasination going on in those countries.

For the record, there were 42 attempts to kill Hitler, and Jews definitely played a big role in that.

He risked his own life more than any other leader.

He should be given credit for that.

He actually got awards for bravery in WW1. The Iron Cross. He was a brave white man. He DID risk his OWN LIFE.

He could easily have been killed. He was extremely intelligent. I did a video about the many times they tried to kill him.

In one of those cases, a man was standing next to him with a bomb, and he was going to be a German suicide bomber.

He was going to blow himself and Hitler up. Hitler very quietly, suddenly disappeared into a door and walked away.

The man was possibly nervous and Hitler realised something was wrong. He did not have the man killed. He just saved his own life.

A very, very clever and astute man.

He risked his life for his people unlike the pieces of shit like Churchill and Roosevelt.

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