The Trial of Alfred & Monika Schaefer … running behind on it… awaiting sentencing…


Just a note that I have translations from German of the events of the trial of Alfred and Monika Schaefer. But I haven’t posted them yet. They are currently awaiting sentencing. Alfred was jailed within the first week. But Alfred did fabulously. He stood his ground like a real GERMAN! Alfred LOVES Germany and Germans, and I know what motivated him!

I’ll have to catch up on posting summaries of the translations from German.

The main take-away from this for everyone is: That you are watching innocent whites being thrown into jail like dogs because they don’t believe Jewish lies! Germany is not “free”. You can’t even think about the past in a way that the Jews don’t like!

THE WRONG PEOPLE WON WW2!! And its been a DISASTER for our race ever since!

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