EXCELLENT MEME: The madness of German (& Western citizenship) – Hitler would turn in his grave!

[I got this from my Boer Pagan pal. Adolf Hitler argued against precisely this Jewish nonsense. The Jew back then, as now, is perverting the idea of nationhood and what a nation is. Whites have created nations for themselves and whites have NOT been firm in defending what exactly a nation is – i.e. it was originally for WHITES! So now the Jew perverts it into something else.

What we whites must fight for EVERYWHERE are Ethnostates. The Afrikaans/German/Dutch term is: Volkstaat. We must use every ounce of our energy to work towards the creation of dozens of new ethnostates for whites only on this planet – even in Europe where whites are a majority – they are threatened with this Jewish malicious nonsense. Jan]

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