EXCELLENT MEME: The madness of German (& Western citizenship) – Hitler would turn in his grave!

[I got this from my Boer Pagan pal. Adolf Hitler argued against precisely this Jewish nonsense. The Jew back then, as now, is perverting the idea of nationhood and what a nation is. Whites have created nations for themselves and whites have NOT been firm in defending what exactly a nation is – i.e. it was originally for WHITES! So now the Jew perverts it into something else.

What we whites must fight for EVERYWHERE are Ethnostates. The Afrikaans/German/Dutch term is: Volkstaat. We must use every ounce of our energy to work towards the creation of dozens of new ethnostates for whites only on this planet – even in Europe where whites are a majority – they are threatened with this Jewish malicious nonsense. Jan]

One thought on “EXCELLENT MEME: The madness of German (& Western citizenship) – Hitler would turn in his grave!

  • 3rd March 2018 at 1:31 am

    Dude, those Wakandans or silkroad-mongrels just have a trade deal with the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) – which is an enemy organization towards the still existing real state of the German people – still listed in the UN charta: The German Empire in the realms of 31.12.1937 (as would wish the allies), but rather before outbreak of WW1. True Germans can officially proof their original Nationality, by tracing back their fatherly bloodline. Interestingly enough the FRG started to criminalize those native Germans who hand those filled out formulas and copies of birth/marriage (certificates of their ancestors) to their public administration.

    To sum it up: the jewish FRG must die so that Germans get back their original nation-state. Then, as a consequence, _ANY_ non-german (those FRG-mudsharks, too) would have to apply for being allowed to continue to in that state.
    Of course vast numbers of invaders would not get that right and would have to leave.

    Don’t mix up the FRG with the legit german nation state … as you don’t mix up the EU with Europe – both are meant to destroy the peoples.


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