The Jew Prigozhin’s attack on Moscow – Are they fighting in Moscow? Where are they? – Putin’s Future

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I found this story doing the rounds on the social media among whites. I dug into it. The original source for this is used to be one of the best and most reliable Zimbabwe news websites for years.

A few hours back I heard that there were rumours that Wagner might be in Moscow. But now it appears there is talk that they were 2 hours away from Moscow when Prigozhin then told his forces to retreat back to their bases. That does not make sense.

I also heard that he’d called on all his forces from Africa and Syria to come to Russia and that 15,000 would be coming.

But at this point there is a lot that is unknown.

In military terms, the high speed move of Wagner to Moscow was the correct MILITARY thing to do. If they do not move fast, then things can go wrong – big time. If he did call his forces to RETREAT then he’s screwing himself.

So to me, it all looked like it was moving fast AND Wagner are the best troops in Russia. So it looked like this would work. But if they begin fumbling and bumbling around then they’re in trouble.

I think we’ll have to see what news comes out tomorrow.

In terms of Putin though, this rebellion will have consequences for him. This may be the beginning of his end in one way or another. It might take time, but he has shown weakness and this will result in his ultimate destruction.

Wagner’s troops had moved about 360 Km in about 36 hours, which is extremely fast. They really did well from a military point of view. But SPEED is EVERYTHING in military stuff, and any dawdling, and any fumbling and bumbling around can mess them up.

I still think that in a worst case scenario, Prigozhin could retreat with his forces even into Ukraine to work with the Ukrainians. If he is ever in very deep trouble and facing imprisonment, etc and if he can’t face the Russian army, then that is an option for him. Ukraine would happily take him in and let him be part of the Free Russians. Nobody mentions this but I think this is very possible.

Another thing is that Wagner was essentially being shut down by Putin. They had to submit to the Russian MOD. Apparently, they only had a few more days of money and supplies coming from the MOD. So it could be that Prigozhin made this move out of desperation.

BUT FOR ME, there are too many other things that indicate that THIS WAS PLANNED AND OTHERS WERE HELPING. Like the whole business of the hacking of Russian TV.

Also Prigozhin had been changing his rhetoric more and more over a period of weeks. I don’t think this was just a mad dash. This has to be part of a plan. But for that plan to work, SPEED is critical.

We will have to see what information comes out tomorrow. This has been a pretty wild thing. But, when you have a smaller force and you want to really get value out of it SPEED is CRITICAL. We will discuss this when I do the GODS OF WAR videos.

But it was looking damned good… really… from a military point of view… it was looking damned good. He was doing it the way Napoleon or Caesar would have done it. But, there’s no time to fumble and bumble around.

Tomorrow will tell us if he will succeed or fail.

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