Alex Linder: Norway & South Africa: Anders Breivik was RIGHT! – Hate Speech at your dinner table…

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Alex Linder, in the #TeamWhite 2020 No 7 that we did, pointed out a horrific fact. He said that in Norway, you can now get into trouble for hate speech, simply by talking at the dinner table to friends or family.

I was horrified by this. This is where (((Liberalism))) and feminism takes you.

It brought to mind Anders Breivik, and his intense HATRED of FEMINISM and where this female type of nonsense junk thinking would take you.

So now the Norwegians face a future where children, family, and friends can go to the Police and lay charges against you for what you say in your house.


But hold on. In South Africa, the (((Liberals))) and gays have been at work, and they crafted a hideous set of hate speech laws which might already be under review by our parliament. Effectively, the (((Liberals))) and gays crafted a set of laws which they thrust upon the blacks and which will create a nightmare here in SA.

I was talking to 2 attorneys last week here in SA. They told me the hate speech laws that are coming are HORRIFIC. They say that almost any interaction between people could result in court actions. I’ve heard similar comments before.

So a nightmare awaits us in SA.

So we are not far behind Norway with regard to this madness.

But, folks, this is where (((Liberalism))) takes you. It is related to FEMALE TYPE THINKING. Honestly, we need a male dominated world. Feminism is leading to levels of madness never seen before.

But our great hope is this: Male power is the ultimate form of power and males can get their power back again. It is doable.

But I repeat, Anders Breivik was right. He saw a NIGHTMARE COMING … an insane, feminist, (((Liberal))), gay, madness.

This is what happens when you let the weak and the infirm rule.

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