Professor Carroll Quigley’s criticisms of the Military


I have found so far Quigley’s attacks on the military establishment to be really interesting.

He really socks it to the soldiers and professionals.

He has a certain negative view of many things.

Since I regard Military History as a passion of mine, I therefore find his critique of soldiers and military professionals something that I can really wrap my mind around.

I don’t think that all his criticisms of the military are fair.

He makes some good points in his arguments, but there are other aspects of his critique where I think he’s going too far and that he’s unreasonable.

He is a very fascinating thinker. I think it is easily possible for Quigley to have had MASSIVE INFLUENCE on the Liberal/American/Elite way of thinking. He had such deep arguments he could have beaten anyone in a debate.

I definitely think that he was a big driving force in the USA. His ideas must have become literally the modern mainstream. The way the USA behaves politically is totally in line with the type of thinking that comes from Quigley.

I’ll be returning to him a lot as I wade through his material.

I’m trying to find the main thinking of the US Elite, because from there we should be able to see the differences between Jewry and the US Elite. Where does the one start and where does the other end. They CANNOT have exactly the same objectives. They work together a lot, but there MUST also be some differences. And exactly who is influencing who?

Quigley to me, seems to be undoubtedly the super-thinker of the American Elite.

Even a guy like Buchanan is small fry, mentally, when compared to Quigley. He is totally unique.

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