UK: Brave Alison Chabloz: Jews want all of us SILENCED – OFF WITH OUR HEADS!!!


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[This is from an email that Alison wrote to me. Jan]

Alison wrote:

… snip …. On the other hand, it just shows how petrified (((they))) are.

This year they have cracked down, as we have seen, on all of us. Germar Rudolf (what a story), you being served with papers, me arrested twice since January. Last Friday October 16th, it was supposed to be Michele Renouf’s Dresden trial. Big fanfare, overtures from a few old Nazi sites… But no news. My take is that a deal may have been struck with the German prosecutor, accepted on the advice of lawyers and with pressure from family and entourage.

The same day however, Arthur Topham was found guilty of breach of his probation order. B’nai Brith Canada and another Jewish NGO were gloating about it late Friday night. The disclosure in his trial involved a series of emails from 2018 published by the late Fredrick Toben. Topham made a few memes, … snip …

The judgment against Arthur Topham, for private emails that were published by Toben, is of course questionable – appealable, hopefully. At least knows he won’t be going to prison. Like you, Jan, like all of us, they want him gagged and his human rights removed! In the name of the Godess of Equality, Jan, Topham, Linder, Chabloz, Rudolf… ALL must be SILENCED and their right to earn a living guillotined.

Off with their heads!

Kind regards,


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