The Canadian Jewish Professor Pinker – All Jews are full of shit

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[This is what an American Teacher wrote to me about the Jew Pinker whom I have mentioned. And I agree with the American teacher, the Jew is full of shit. In fact, all Jews are just full of shit. They have no respect for Western society or Whites. Jan]

The American teacher wrote:
Jan I’ve just seen the first speech by Steven Pinker in your latest video. I read a book by him in the 90’s about brain function, which I thought was interesting. I didn’t know anything about Jews then. I certainly know about them now. His comments are outrageous. The little, feminine, Jewish prick has obviously gone through life without people stopping him and telling him he’s full of shit. … snip … I despise people like him because he has the same entitled attitude as others I’ve tangled with in public schools.

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