The Alex Jones trial – I’m tearing my hair out – I can’t believe what I’m seeing…

As a rule I don’t really care about Alex Jones. I was aware of him when he started and when he was growing big. But I never liked many of his angles. I didn’t like his analysis, and I never thought of him even as "Right Wing" because he never defends Whites. He’s not racial at all. AND he has lots of JEWS working for him.

Anyhow, I sort of began looking a little at his stuff when he was whacked for $4 million and then $45 million but they said he could get away with it since he’s worth $270 million.

But I must tell you, now for the first time, I’m seeing him in court, and I could tear my hair out when I see the way he behaves and also his attorney.

I have an understanding of how legal things work and I must tell you, I cannot believe that someone with as much money as him is doing so terribly badly.

I cannot even begin to believe the antics and the crap that he’s trying there.

Oh man! That guy is in DEEP SHIT.

They will destroy Alex Jones. They will wipe him out.

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