JFK’s father liked NAZIS & hated Jews He said: As a race they stink!

[JFK’s father detested the Jews. I’m going to put up 3 things about JFK’s father. They come from a website article that lists “10 terrible things done by JFK’s father”. Some of it may be true, but there are things that make me think the Jews have been trying to smear him intensely. The rumours about bootlegging during prohibition seem to come from well-known criminals, one of whom may have been Jewish. When I look at the bootlegging stuff, I think the Jews are going out of their way to smear him with rumours and no facts.

About the accusations of making money from insider trading: clearly it was not a crime back then, and how much money were the Jews making from similar practises which I’m sure they continue to this day because they have no regard for the law. I’ll put the link to the source on the bottom as usual. It seems to me as if someone is going out of their way to smear Joe Kennedy Sr as much as is humanly possible. You MUST keep this in the back of your mind when dealing with the assassination of John and his brother. Their father had “trained” them for a mission in life and he was no slouch.

The womanising part doesn’t bother me either. At least the Kennedy men liked WOMEN and they weren’t a bunch of faggots. In my view, it is important that white men and women are attracted to each other. Nature brings lots of weird complications and problems into our lives, but that’s much better than the OPPOSITE situation. (e.g. faggots, paedophiles, etc). Rather let there be problems because white men and woman ARE attracted to each other, than the opposite situation; which is the one the Jews are pushing for. The opposite is hideous.

Let’s look at 3 things they mention about JFK’s dad which are meant to show him in a negative light, but which in fact, show him to be a clever man who was true to the white race.

Also, Joe said that democracy is finished. Now look at how the Western world works and ask yourself if that isn’t the truth? He said democracy in Britain and America was finished. His words are truer now than then. Furthermore, notice how he was on to the Jews and FDR. This man was not fooled by any of them. Jan]

He Was A Vocal Anti-Semite


Photo credit: Larry Gordon

In 1938, Joseph Kennedy became the American ambassador to the United Kingdom. This was during the rise of Nazism, when Hitler was turning his people against the Jews, and Kennedy wasn’t afraid to weigh in.

“They brought in on themselves,” Kennedy said when he heard about German Jews being attacked. To a friend, he added, “As a race they stink. Look what they did to Hollywood.”

He spent a great deal of time talking to the German ambassador, Herbert Von Dirksen. “Kennedy,” Von Dirksen said, “understood our Jewish policy completely.” He tried to get them to change their approach, but not because he was worried about the Jews. He was just worried that too much violence would turn public opinion against Hitler.

Kennedy had his own plan. He tried to set up a program that would have shipped every Jew in Germany to Africa, or, at least, to a British or American colony.

Roosevelt shut his plan down, but it didn’t silence Kennedy. He agreed with Hitler all the way. “Jewish pundits,” he wrote in a letter, were going to “set a match to the fuse of the world.”

He Was A Nazi Sympathizer


Photo credit: Wikimedia

Kennedy’s eldest son, Joseph Jr., saw Hitler speak in 1934. He was impressed. Hitler, Joseph Jr. said, saw Germany’s need of a common enemy. Someone they could toss out to boost morale. “It was too bad that it had to be done to the Jews,” Joseph Jr. wrote. “The dislike of the Jews, however, was well founded.”

Joseph Jr. was often described as the most like his father, and, sure enough, Joseph Sr. shared his views. He called for America to make a peace pact with Hitler. In England, he tried to keep Winston Churchill out of office, hoping Neville Chamberlain would make an alliance with Germany.

He tried to get approval to meet with Hitler personally twice. Kennedy wanted, he said, “to bring about a better understanding between the United States and Germany.” Roosevelt, however, was still in charge. He stopped Kennedy both times. He wasn’t going to let a rich ambassador make an alliance with the Nazis.



He Said That Democracy Was Finished


Photo credit: Wide World Photos

“Democracy is finished in England. It may be here as well,” Joseph Kennedy told a reporter. England, he believed, was only fighting Germany so that they could stay alive. They weren’t fighting the encroach of fascism, and neither was America.

Kennedy told Von Dirksen that Roosevelt was a victim of “Jewish influence” and that he would soon be disposed of. It wasn’t a view he held lightly. Kennedy was sure that America was being run by Jews. In an interview with another reporter, he said that “the Democratic policy of the United States is a Jewish production.”

Roosevelt was furious. Kennedy was supposed to be serving the state. Instead, he was spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and publicly supporting Hitler. In 1940, Kennedy was forced to resign as ambassador. His political career was over.

Source: https://listverse.com/2017/01/11/10-terrible-things-done-by-jfks-father/

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