WW2: Who were the best German Generals?


[I was watching a video when I noticed a fascinating comment by someone who really seemed to know his stuff. I'm well aware of Von Manstein being the greatest strategist – though he was pretty good tactically too I must say. Anyhow, this little summary of the German Generals is interesting and I will need to look more closely at some of them. I am surprised that Hitler trusted General Model the most. That is of interest. Kesselring is also someone I've not studied. Jan]

So here are the comments which seem relatively sound:

Best strategist: Manstein. Best offensive tactician: Rommel. Best defensive tactician: Heinrici. Best theoretician: Guderian. Most versatile: Kesselring. Best on balance: Rundstedt. Best general trusted by Hitler: Model. My two Pfennigs anyway.

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