Scandanavia: Was Anders Breivik a good white guy fighting for whites, or a Jewish False Flag?

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[I'm not big into false flags as a description of some things white males do, especially when they go and shoot people. 

On Dylann Roof, I am firm that Dylann was real and did his own stuff. 
I got some criticism from someone in Scandanavia about my mention of Breivik as a while hero and I was shown that a lot of his victims were actually white. But given that he was in Norway at the time, I suspect it would be hard to find a lot of non-white victims back then. 
He also did a sort of NAZI salute in court and an actual NAZI salute in court. 
But I have never studied him. Apart from a few quick looks at articles, I've never made the time to sit down for a few hours and actually watch and read up about him to form a more solid opinion. 
For the time I have much higher priorities, but I think I will need to get to him as a topic later. 
In the meantime I turned to people I trust and whose input I value. I'm waiting for a reply from Alex Linder on the question. I've just forwarded him what I received from a man in Scandanavia whom I have a lot of respect for. 
I asked a Scandanavian Viking website owner whom I know and trust and who has a good Police background, what his thoughts were on Breivik and this is what he replied.
There are thus, only 2 killings which I am willing to consider MIGHT be false flag. The one is Breivik and the other one is the guy in New Zealand. I have looked more into New Zealand, and I would not write the guy off totally, despite the Jewish links. I think there were some (unintentional?) positives that came out of it. Like Breivik, I'll revisit it later. 
His mention of “removing Jewish children” pertains to expressing a positive view towards the killing some time back. Jan]

But here is what my Viking friend told me:

Hi Jan,

I have come to the conclusion that the Breivik shooting was a construction, like the most shootings in New Zealand. I have read a part of Breivik’s so-called manifest (1500 pages), in which he supports the Israeli state. It’s hard to find a position in the manifest clearly against the Jewish dominance in Scandinavia for example. For a time I believed the official narrative to be genuine, and in that period I may have expressed sympathy for the idea of removing the children of Jewish communists.
If you follow some of Ole Dammegaard’s videos on the internet, I think he made a good point with one of them about the Breivik scam.

The official story have had massive impact on the political climate in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. I now strongly believe it was a false flag event constructed by the (((usual suspects))). It doesn’t matter much now, the harm is done, and I have not been particularly successful with suggesting a false flag event. People are stuck with the official narrative. It has become a common traumatic part of our history like the Holoco$t



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