Video: JewFlu: The Great Awakening Worldwide – Huge Compilation of Protests and Freedom Rallies – My Comments


[This is fabulous. Anyone I speak to, even here in South Africa, even blacks, they look at this Jewflu and they are saying: But this sucks, this is destroying EVERYTHiNG! Why the hell do we have lockdowns? Almost nobody is getting this and only a handful (apparently) die from this. To me, in 2020, we Whites have a fabulous chance to AWAKEN our people. With Covid on the one hand and the massive election f*ckover in the USA … we have 2 MASSIVE events that are openly weird and bizarre. The opportunity to wake people up is unprecedented. You should be able to walk up to 60%, maybe even 70% or 80% of people in the USA and be able to engage them in a conversation on the above 2 things and have them on your side in no time. This is huge. On every continent whites are waking up to this. It is total garbage. I like this a lot. GET CRACKING … WIN CONVERTS … RED PILL PEOPLE… they will realise OBVIOUSLY that huge craziness is going down. I just published an article that the so-called vaccine can make women infertile. So white ladies … beware. But even white men, beware. I, personally won't touch any vaccine, even under govt threat. Jan]

November 30, 2020

Duration of video is 24 minutes

Many Countries still have lockdowns going on. We, the people, don’t comply anymore. More and more protests and freedom rallies take place around the world. In this video you can watch some of the protests going on in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Slovakia, France, Spain, Canada, USA, Brazil and many more, Share this with your family, friends and social media. The world needs to wake up even more!

Germany: Frankfurt, Bonn, Leipzich, Berlin, Aichach, Kempten,
Czech Republic
USA: Minnesota, California, New York,
Canada: Toronto, Calgary,
England: Bournemouth, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, London
Netherlands: Amsterdam
France: Niece, Prades, Lyon, Marseilles, Paris, Strasbourg, Grenoble

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