S.Africa: Prophet Siener Van Rensburg: Next correct date for extermination of Whites … (Suidlanders? Simon Roche?)


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I was talking to a Christian recently about the next correct/accurate date for the extermination of all the whites by the blacks in accordance with the “extremely accurate” prophet Siener Van Rensburg, who is, apparently, almost never wrong … or so they say.

The date for our extermination, especially here in Johannesburg, is 28th October 2019.

So just remember … if you don’t hear from me in November 2019, that I’ll be among the millions of dead here in Johannesburg…

However, I am getting rather bored with being pronounced dead so many times. I think I’ve died a dozen or more times in the last 11 years!

I don’t have firm evidence that Simon Roche of the Suidlanders is pedaling this date – but it would not surprise me.

NB: In my discussions, I have now had a new insight into the SOURCE of these dates. There is NO QUESTION THAT THESE DATES ARE ALSO GIVEN OUT BY WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN MILITARY PERSONNEL!

This confirms to me that we are looking at a psychological warfare situation.

I think I know why military people are also pedaling this date.

I heard some really interesting things. As always, I wonder where Roche fits into this. As for the Suidlanders … they could be playing many games. Not all of them bad. But still … some weird nonsense is carrying on.

Then people tell me, in all seriousness: “We DON’T HAVE LONG… any time soon the race war will start.”
I’m polite, but I don’t believe a single word of this.

So when I get a chance I just tell people: We must plan ahead, and think LONG TERM … because we have to WORK and STRUGGLE to get out of this mess that we are in.

The positive side of this is that it keeps people active, and the whites are actually constructive as small groups of preppers are preparing for some nasty situations which they believe will be upon them soon.

I don’t let this bother me. I just focus on what I intend doing this year, next year and the year after that. I’m not totally unhappy that they’re thinking they need to hurry. In many cases the choice is between them DOING NOTHING or RUSHING TO DO SOMETHING. And of the two I always prefer the “doing something” to DOING NOTHING which is even worse. Make no mistake the white preppers are creative. And even though they’re preparing for something that’s not necessary IN THE CONTEXT THEY BELIEVE IN, it provides everyone with valuable experience and it gives them a chance to learn teamwork as whites and to stick together. This is MUCH BETTER than DOING NOTHING!

Finally, it is always interesting hearing the creative lies which are told after the (non) event, as to why it did not happen, and why it is rescheduled for 4, 6 or 8 months in the future! I heard the “reason” given why we didn’t all die when we should have. I think the last date for our deaths was the “blood moon” in January 2019 or some such stuff. At least once, and sometimes, 3 times a year, we have dates when we will be exterminated. I wonder how long it will take some of the people to realise that we’re listening to nonsense? Nevertheless, this is all part of a “process”. And one day when they wake up, they may think very differently, and it will be good. Jan.

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