EXCELLENT NEWS: COVID-19 caused Gold to explode above $2,000 – My Analysis


Just a note: I was reading about the Gold price and how high the Gold price can go. Then it turned out that one of the biggest things suddenly pushing the gold price upward abnormally, was the $3 billion stimulus (read: printing of fiat money by the Fed). It is the sudden printing of $3 billion that is sending Gold through the roof.

They even predict that Gold might hit $3,000 in the next 18 months.

This is a direct result of Trump trying to turn around the economic damage done by the stupid lockdowns.

I will post more Gold news later.

But the up side of COVID is that Gold is going through the roof.

The other issue is that with so much money being around, and interest rates being low to non-existent, that money is flowing into Gold.

I did post stories weeks ago about how big time investment houses are pouring money into Gold.

They cite the weakness of the US dollar and economic uncertainty as important factors.

So gold is actually, therefore, going into what we might say is an "accelerated" or "early" bull market. It is actually running ahead of schedule.

I saw one guy who has written a thesis saying that Gold could still reach $5,000 per Oz.

So we’re definitely heading into the wildest ride Gold has seen in a long time.

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