S.Africa: Jan Lamprecht off to Mafikeng & Coligny War Zone on 23rd April – 14 towns burning…

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Boy have things happened since Friday! Let me try to sum up the events of Friday, the weekend and why on Monday I’m heading off to Coligny and hopefully Mafikeng.

Here’s how it started. On Friday my contacts in Coligny sent me info and photos that Julius Malema’s EFF are active in Coligny. My contacts informed me that 3 pickup trucks (bakkies) of EFF (Julius Malema’s people) were driving around in Coligny where the blacks had burned down whites’ houses last year. Most importantly, 6 blacks had told their employers that the EFF was planning to attack the whites in Coligny. No date was given.

You can read the full story here and see the photos as well: http://africancrisis.info/index.php/2018/04/22/3-pics-s-africa-is-julius-malema-eff-preparing-to-attack-the-whites-in-coligny/

Because of the photos and info that my contact gave me, I sent a rather urgent voice message to some contacts of mine. I especially mentioned the part where a Boer went to the Police station and told the Police about this, and he said that if the blacks burn houses down like last year, that this time the whites would FIGHT THEM TO THE DEATH!!! In my voice message I urged whites from everywhere to help the Whites of Coligny. So me urging whites into Coligny to help the whites fight the blacks … that also freaked people out!!

My message perhaps had too much certainty to it and this was to unleash a STORM!

Later on Friday, men began phoning me about my message. And they were furious. Only then did I begin to realise the STORM I had unleashed. I had never had my voice messages spread far, but this time it really moved!

One high ranking security Boer told me that as a result of my message they had actually withdrawn police from a place where they were badly needed to be sent to Coligny! He said: We have so few Police as it is and there’s so much violence.

It turned out that 14 towns in the North West Province had been burning all week with violence EXCEPT for Coligny, which had born the brunt of the attack last year.

When various security people phoned me, including one in Coligny they were furious with my message and I explained the basis of my info and that I had 3 photos of the EFF that morning in Coligny. When I sent all these men the photos they were then no longer angry with me.

Later in the afternoon, Izak Van Zyl of the Boere Legion sent a voice message saying that the voice message by Jan Lamprecht “saying Coligny is burning” should be disregarded. I then found his email address and sent him the same email I had sent the AWB and others.

On Saturday he responded as follows:

Thank you Jan.
With the Mafikeng unrest and all the other sites in North West BL monitored, I clearly mis interpreted the core of your message.
Thank you for your email. We are together in this mess. May I put you on BL Liaison forum w/a group.?

I think it is good for all activists to share info and talk to each other.



But on Saturday the angry voice messages were coming in, even from white women. They were giving me hell over my message of Friday.

Very late on Saturday evening Izak added me to one of the groups of the Boere Legion with a very kind introductory message. On Sunday afternoon I spent hours interacting with everyone and explaining the basis for my message on Friday. I was warmly received and very touched by some of the responses.

Then news came out from another source that on Monday, 23rd the EFF would be holding a protest in Coligny because of a trial of a white farmer who had been murdered and his killers were on trial. I then sent a message saying that I would go to Coligny on Monday to be there when the EFF is there.

All the security people were immediately friendly and supportive and said they would like to meet me!

So from there we had lots of chats and made plans as to who I would meet. One of the very senior people told me he’d like to take me to Mafikeng which is another 100 Km from Coligny because there was extreme violence there last week. I am due also to meet the top security Boers in Coligny first thing in the morning.

So I have a 200Km drive to Coligny tomorrow and then another 100Km to Mafikeng.

I sent out a voice message late on Sunday evening to whites saying that the more of us who can join the whites of Coligny the better.

I think its fair to say that the EFF will try to turn Monday into a day of violence. But let’s see what happens.

What I am VERY HAPPY about, is that as a result of my message and the intense consternation caused that everyone is on high alert! The AWB is ready too! All the security people from all the groups are ready. So unlike last year … this time, the whites are ready! And that’s the most important thing of all!

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