Ben Klassen: Christian = White: The Amazing story of how a Mennonite Christian, a Pro-White Christian, became a Bible HATER!

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I must tell you, reading through Ben Klassens biography has been an amazing eye opener. He really fills in so many things that not only confirm what Rockwell knew, but he did much more.

Ben Klassen entered politics around the time when George Lincoln Rockwell was killed by the Jews.

He checked out all the other political parties including the NAZI Party after Rockwell. And he wasn’t impressed. So he created the NWP – Nationalist White Party which was CHRISTIAN.

The first sentence of the party’s fourteen-point program is "We believe that the White Race was created in the Image of the Lord."

Klassen had been raised a Christian and gone to Church and Sunday school. When he became older, by the late 1950s, he began to think that some of the Bible teachings are not real. But it did not bother him and he was still TOTALLY PRO-CHRISTIAN.

When he created his NWP, he was of the view, as he said, that White = Christian and that Christianity IS the ONLY religion of the White Race. So he basically created a CHRISTIAN PARTY FOR WHITES.

This is similar to the NAZI Rockwell who said that he would lead White Christians.

Just like Rockwell he was totally pro-Christian.

He created his party in 1970 and began having meetings and giving talks. There’s another man, Austin Davis, who was very close to him and who worked with him on all these projects. It seems to me Austin Davis was totally reliable and they stuck together through thick and thin.

Within a year of having these meetings, and getting this party off the group, Klassen began to notice problems at his political party meetings.

It is there that some Christians would stand up and they would begin quoting things out of the Bible.

Note: By the time that Klassen created the NWP, he was 100% red pilled on the Jewish issue. By then he had reached a point where he had no time whatsoever for ANY organisation that contained Jews. By then he began to see Jews as the key element in UNDERMINING WHITES.

He wanted nothing to do with them. And anyone who tolerated the Jews was someone he parted company with IMMEDIATELY.

People began quoting things out of the Bible that began to annoy him. For example, people would say things like: God created all people and therefore, Jews were created by God and therefore we must tolerate them.

It was these things that eventually caused Ben to really go and read the Bible with a vengeance and to see what exactly is in the Bible. That’s when he saw things like: "You must love your enemy". That and other things began to freak him out.

Klassen also read Henry Ford’s The International Jew. He also read what the Jew Eli Ravage wrote about the real case against the Jews.

It is actually Ben Klassen’s attempt at creating a White Christian Political Party, that is the real reason that he finally abandoned Christianity. And it was because of the reactions of White Christians.

Klassen then explains why he decided to create a religion for Whites and why he chose the names he chose, etc.

Ben Klassen is a hell of a fascinating man and a man who gives us some serious insight into the 1960s in America.

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