National Vanguard: The Greatest Quotes of David Sims


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2007: S.Africa: AIDS: Drug Resistant TB: People will die like flies in southern Africa
This was an article I published from a White pathologist in S.Africa. AIDS and TB combine to kill lots of Blacks. The pathologist sent me some really interesting info in this article.

Introductory Note: Here we present some of the most quotable quips and statements and wit from the redoubtable David Sims. Enjoy!

“A race that can cross oceans, crosses oceans. A race that can’t cross oceans argues that there is no reason to cross an ocean.” (David Sims)

“A lifelong resident is somebody who never went anywhere.” (David Sims)

“The collapse of civilization begins with the promotion of counterintuitive bulls***. Like the idea of human equality.” (David Sims)

“Military expropriation is a fitting redress for the accumulation of wealth by usury.” (David Sims)

“Most of the treason that happens in the United States is motivated by nothing more than the traitor’s desire to keep his regular paycheck.” (David Sims)

“The fear of reduced circumstances will induce nearly anyone to live falsely. A threat to the paycheck will make most people pretend to believe every lie they ever heard.” (David Sims)

“There is no idea more obscene than that decent people should be expected to give ground or right-of-way to vile predators. Good should roar so that evil trembles, not the other way around.” (David Sims)

“It isn’t oppression that causes problems for an oppressor. It’s relenting from oppression that does this. All history, both political and natural, teaches — repeatedly — that you must never, never give up the decisive control that comes from a position of dominance.” (David Sims)

“Evil people seek authority for the same reason that pedophiles look for jobs as camp counselors. To gain the power to f*** with the innocent.” (David Sims)

“A thousand illegal immigrants is a police problem. A million illegal immigrants is a military problem. There are twelve million illegal immigrants in the United States.” (David Sims)

“An illegal alien has no right to live in the United States. An illegal alien who is in the United States has no right to live.” (David Sims)

“When it’s important to select the Politically Correct, the positions are denied to the most qualified.” (David Sims)

“All that ‘civil rights’ are is the grant to some people of a privileged legal status, such that they have become legally entitled to special favor. As the result, members of protected groups have the ‘right’ to impose themselves on people who are not so protected. The civil rights laws give a member of a ‘protected class’ the right to demand, and get — at gunpoint if need be — inclusion among people who don’t want him included, the labor of people who don’t want to work for him, and the use of the property of others who would rather not share with him. Enforcing the civil rights laws sacrifices several of the rights of man that are identified in the Bill of Rights, including the right of free association — which means you can refuse to associate with anyone on a case-by-case basis, and your reasons are not subject to question — and the right of property, which means you can choose whether or not to share with others on a case-by-case basis, and your reasons are not subject to question.” (David Sims)

“Nothing is scarier than a truth you don’t like.” (David Sims)

“A person should be able to carry a gun on the same terms he can carry a screwdriver. Concealed or not, there should be no license required and no fee to pay, nor any other infringement on the right to carry it. You should get punished only if you misbehave — with either the gun or the screwdriver.” (David Sims)

“Within the set of all truths is the subset of useful truths, in which humans have a particular interest and to which they devote a considerable amount of their time. Any efficacious method for pursuing truth, used by human beings, will therefore discover useful truths quite commonly. So: You know that a method for seeking truth really works when it has a history of giving to people powers that they did not have before.” (David Sims)

“Science explores Nature and reveals what is possible. Politics determines how the possibilities are used. Truth is good. And science is the best method for finding truth. Destruction is sometimes evil. Oppose evil. But do not oppose truth or the most efficacious means for finding truth.” (David Sims)

“Science doesn’t discover truth. It finds falsehood. But as Sherlock Holmes said, ‘When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ However, in the study of Nature you almost never get to the point where there is only one possibility left. You almost never have a unique theory that fits all of the data that will ever be in hand. So the approach to truth is asymptotic. As time goes by, the theory gets knocked into a shape that more nearly resembles the shape of the truth than it ever did before.” (David Sims)

“Scientists do occasionally get something correctly figured out. If it weren’t so, engineers could not have taken the discoveries of science and turned them into useful things that increase our powers. Everything from lights to shine in the dark night to devices that send our thoughts around the solar system at the speed of light indicate that we do know something about the truth, about reality.” (David Sims)

“In any proper moral system, survival has the highest value. Why? Because nothing matters to the dead. Because neither truth, nor justice, nor freedom, nor prosperity have any value at all to extinct groups. Because only to something alive may anything else be good. If a moral system gives to anything other than survival the highest place of value, sooner or later a conflict will arise between survival and whatever that other thing is.” (David Sims)

“Power seldom bows to reason. There’s nothing so certain to get you tossed into jail for contempt of court than proving to a judge, beyond a reasonable doubt, that his court is contemptible.” (David Sims)

“A friend of yours tells you of a problem he is having. You, cheapskate coward that you are, want credit for ‘doing something to help’ without incurring any expense, bother, or risk. What do you do? You say ‘I’ll pray for you.’” (David Sims)

“I believe that for a better world we should dump the liberals into Jupiter.” (David Sims)

“A warrior should not ask God to let him survive the war; rather, he should ask God for a large and favorable combat-kill ratio.” (David Sims)

“The habituation of most of humanity to deny the reality of forthcoming bad times has been dramatized and mocked repeatedly by writers of history and by authors of fiction. You’d think we’d have learned our lessons about ‘pie in the sky’ by now, but we haven’t. We are given every chance to ease ourselves away from profligacy, but we never do. Always there are those who stick like glue to their blind faith that everything will continue to be pleasant, even when it should be perfectly clear that the good times are not sustainable. In their mistaken optimism, people won’t adjust their lifestyles for reduced circumstances and they won’t prepare themselves for scarcity, and so when the scarcity comes people die.” (David Sims)

“The whole of the institution of the Jew-controlled media can be regarded as if it were a single perjured witness.” (David Sims)

“Leftists heat the pot and then blame the water for boiling.” (David Sims)

“While I’m asking questions, why are so many of the lies coming from the Zionists and from the US government these days of such poor quality that they don’t fool anybody for longer than a few hours? I remember a time when it took decades for the scales to fall from people’s eyes.” (David Sims)

“The powers-that-be have made it dangerous to stand on the soap box; they’ve corrupted the ballot box and the jury box. The only thing left for us to do is open the bullet box.” (David Sims)

“The defenders of freedom should aim their rifles, if possible, at the highest level of enemy authorities they can reach. Above the puppet ruler, there are the bankers for whom he really works. Target them first. If we can get rid of all of the puppeteers, it might not be necessary to fight anyone else.” (David Sims)

“Soldiers usually aren’t bad fellows, and it is a shame that we must fight them. It’s just that most of them aren’t smart enough to know when they should turn around and shoot their employers, instead of conducting massacres on each others’ families.” (David Sims)

“Honor is like a fire that you hold in your hands to give light to other people, even though it burns you.” (David Sims)

“No, I’m not dead. Quit asking.” (David Sims)



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2009: German Magazine Spiegel says: South Africa Has Become a De Facto One-Party State
This is the only time that a major Western publication ever stated the obvious truth: That South Africa is a one party state. The best we can hope for is that the Blacks will fight it out among themselves eventually.

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