Proof Putin has a diplomatic goal: Day 1 of the War: Russia ready to negotiate with Ukraine – Kremlin – My Com ments

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[It is very clear from the Russian demands what they want. They want the war in the Ukraine to end quickly with the SURRENDER of the current government, which clearly can't do anything because it's not a member of NATO and NATO clearly is doing nothing. If America and the West truly were interested in saving the Ukraine, why couldn't they FAST TRACK the NATO membership of the Ukraine so they can get stuck in and give the Ukrainians weapons? They don't have to fight there. They just need to fly in some weapons and quickly help the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians do have the ability to fight. They are 44 million people. They could make this very hard for Putin. They do have a home ground advantage AND a big area to fight in. They can make this a nightmare for Putin if they want to. But the West is very weak and pathetic, led by the weakest scum in the tens of thousands of years of the existence of the White race. Notice Putin wants: Quick Surrender. Then he simply wants Ukraine to be NEUTRAL and NO WEAPONS ON IT'S SOIL! And I'm sure he'd like a pro-Russian puppet there again. Then Putin is happy. NOTICE PUTIN SAID HE WANTS THE DENAZIFICATION OF UKRAINE! READ THAT AGAIN! It is there! As always, even Putin, is AGAINST THE EUROPEAN RACE! I wondered when this NAZI stuff would come up. Jan]

The Kremlin presents Kiev with two demands

Russia ready to negotiate with Ukraine – Kremlin

Moscow is willing to negotiate terms of surrender with Kiev regarding the ongoing Russian military offensive currently taking place in Ukraine, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

According to Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his preparedness to engage in discussions with his Ukrainian counterpart, with a focus on obtaining a guarantee of neutral status and the promise of no weapons on its territory.

These are terms that, according to Peskov, would enable the achievement of the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, and eliminate what Russia currently views as a threat to the security of its state and people.

“The president formulated his vision of what we would expect from Ukraine in order for the so-called ‘red-line’ problems to be resolved. This is neutral status, and this is a refusal to deploy weapons,” Peskov clarified.

The press secretary added that Putin would determine the timing of the negotiations, but gave assurances that Russia would only engage “if the leadership of Ukraine is ready to talk about it.”

“The operation has its goals – they must be achieved. The president said that all decisions have been made, and the goals will be achieved,” Peskov continued, suggesting that, if Kiev were to agree to meet the demands, the current military attack on Ukraine could be called off.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Putin instigated a “special operation” in Ukraine, with the supposed aim of “securing the peace” in the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in the Donbass region.

The leaders of the republics have made claims in recent days of attacks on their territory by the Ukrainian army.

Throughout the course of Thursday, the operation has become a full-scale assault, with Ukrainian airports, military bases, and cities, including the capital Kiev, all being damaged in air strikes in an attempt by Russia to cripple any Ukrainian military response.


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