What Putin really wants … political control of Ukraine… The White Race has NEVER had worse leaders than NOW!

If you look at the history, Putin had a pro-Russian puppet ruling Ukraine. One can’t knock Putin too much for this, since the entire Western world is run by pro-Israel, pro-Jew puppets. Putin was happy with "free Ukraine" as long as Ukraine’s puppet was pro-Russian.

It seems to me that what Putin really wants, is possibly even the surrender of the Ukraine. I don’t think he even wants to control the whole country. He just wants them scared and panicky, so that they give him what he wants politically. And No 1 is: DON’T JOIN NATO and don’t be anti-Russian.

The fact that he’s already issued calls for direct talks with Ukraine shows that clearly.

I think if Ukraine moves away from joining NATO that Putin will be quite happy.

As for Putin invading Europe and Eastern Europe. I think that’s crazy, unless the West is so insanely WEAK and pathetic that they let it happen. That would just be pure insanity.

Though I must admit, the LEADERSHIP of the Western world at this time is totally PUTRID. I don’t think the Western world has had a more pathetic bunch of leaders than now. In the tens of thousands of years of our existence as a people, I don’t think we’ve ever been ruled by TOTAL CRAP of the kind we have now. NEVER.

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