What is Donald Trump’s real strategy regarding the stolen election?


I was chatting to someone who is an avid Trump supporter for her views on what Trump is up to. In my opinion, if Trump is not going to GET BIDEN KICKED OUT, then he’s wasting his time. My friend wrote this about Trump:

The progress is several of the states with obvious cheating have been audited and the election certification is going to be reversed. There are more states waiting to be examined. The globalists communists governors in those states where fraud has been proven. Are trying to block the de-certifying of the votes in those states. Trump won all states so far by landslide except Washington and New York but we are waiting for more investigation. I’ll see if I can find the site where it’s being kept track. The media is taking it down. Trump is actually still president and we are letting Biden and the others commit crimes, and gathering evidence.

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