Photos: Hitler & the Aryans: Are these Indians the remnants of Aryan invasion & mixed race breeding?

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[In India, and also in Liberal and Jewish circles, they are fighting against a line of historical thinking that started even before Hitler was even born. This was the Aryan Invasion theory, that Whites from Asia had invaded India. These Aryans then conquered the non-Whites and created the religion of Hinduism and the greatest APARTHEID system, inside a religion. That is the CASTE system which exists in India to this day. But the Aryans only stayed pure for 600 years before interbreeding with the non-Whites. Now Europeans and Indians are firmly tied by the PIDE language which is Proto-Indo-European. This is a firm link between us and India. Now another link, to a lesser degree are the gypsies who are the garbage of Europe. The Gypsies who irritate our European brethren are genetically linked to India. Sanskrit is also a language that is linked to Europeans. So there are a plethora of links between Europe and India that makes the Aryan theory look very viable. But it seems to me that there are lots of moves to disprove these ideas that Hitler embraced and which existed before Hitler was even born. If you study India you will see that in the NORTH of India the people are of a much lighter skin and much more European looking while in the south that are much darker in skin colour. To me, this also is suggestive that the Aryan invasion theory is true. So take a look at this photo of an Indian actress and her love affair with another Indian, but look at their physical features and their skin colour. There are MANY Indians who look like this and I wonder whether we are looking at the mixed race remnants of the Aryan Invasion theory. You can also see this type of stuff in the Middle East and in Persia, where Whites used to rule. You are looking at people who are partially White who are the remnants of White racial intermixing from thousands of years ago. That is how it appear to me to be. Jan]

Here is the Indian actress and the Indian man she is now in love with. But look at their European-like features:

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