From Jan: Updates on upcoming videos…

I’ve been working a lot on videos. I want the Ronnie Kasrils videos to be good. They are important and I want to make sure that every ounce of worthwhile info can be extracted from them and used. I must have listened to the full interview well over 6 times now.

The next video coming out will be the full discussion.

For the time being I’m winding up the Kasrils stuff and getting the full talk ready for release. Then you can hear everything that was said. However, there will be another piece that is sliced out of Kasrils, for after that, because he raised a topic, a famous murder in South Africa that I’m sure all the Jews have been lying about and are preparing to lie about even more. On the Angola Front, the video is now 5h26m long, and I needed to make some modifications. Because of the size of the video, it is tedious and slow checking it and I still have a few more final fixes to do, again, and then it should be read …. finally

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