The USA assassinated the greatest Military Genius the Iranians have… – Like Yamamoto of Japan


[I think, without a doubt, that the man the US killed in Iran was their best guy. This makes me think of the USA's deliberate move to assassinate Admiral Yamamoto of Japan. He was the finest military mind the Japanese had. The US got intelligence on the movement of his aircraft and decided to kill him. It was a deliberate plan to demoralise the Japanese and to also get rid of their best guy. That is unquestionably what happened here. 

Israel, the little dog-shit Jewish state of scum, has been faced, endlessly with Iranian Republican guards helping their enemies. Iran has been the BACKBONE of all resistance to Israel. And it seems to me this man was the key genius in Iran. 
And so the USA has gone to just murder him outright. It may well be that this was the key man, who made life in the Middle East difficult for the USA and Israel and ergo the US has now gone and killed him in the hope of breaking all resistance. 
It is a rather dirty trick and I'm sure the Jewish scum everywhere are celebrating. This may be very bad for the Iranians. They may just have lost their best military mind. This is sad. No matter how angry they may feel, it will, in the long run hurt them. I think this is the long and the short of the attack. 
It is murder of a great military mind who was hurting them. Basically a rerun of the murder of Yamamoto. Jan]

“U.S. officials consider the commander of an elite Iranian military unit a terrorist supporter and the man ultimately responsible for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and their Middle East allies.

But many Iranians view Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the face of Tehran’s growing regional clout, as their best defense against foreign aggression.

Gen. Soleimani’s public profile is soaring just as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s popularity sags…

Gen. Soleimani, who is 60 years old, is the public face of Iran’s efforts to arm Shiite militias in Iraq and salvage the regime in Syria, and one of Iran’s biggest celebrities, trailed by photographers when he visits the front lines. With a white beard and a head of hair to match, he poses for selfies with Iraqi and Syrian militiamen and is the subject of tribute videos on YouTube.


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