Jan’s assessment on COVID in South Africa so far – I think its been good for Whites

A quick note:

The other day I saw a newspaper headline: "The mortuaries are full" due to COVID.

I did a bit of digging and was not impressed. Only 9,000 dead so far. So it has killed, but it’s not much – thanks to the tremendous power of WHITES in our medical system. Lots of local whites are doctors and specialists and this makes a big difference as always. So 9,000 dead out of 50+ million (perhaps 59 million if you include illegals), is not much really.

BUT FEAR …. this has put some serious FEAR into blacks like I’ve never seen!!!

I am liking a lot of the effects of COVID. I think, generally, it is working out better for whites because it is also making people notice things and confront things they would otherwise never have bothered with. I no longer see COVID as a negative, but a positive. Whites have really been irked by this PLUS the economic hit has been tremendous, and even there, I see many pluses coming out of it. Here in South Africa it has seriously scared the blacks on a personal level even though the death toll is not that great – only 9,000 dead – but it has done unmatched damage to the economy. I do believe whites will walk away from this better than the blacks. The damage to them will be tremendous and, best of all, much more lasting.

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