Photo: USA: Christian Identity: David (Skip) Baker & Eli James together…

[This is something Skip Baker has made and circulated. I have questioned him at length in the past, about a year ago about his claims regarding Eli James. I have questioned Skip at length and in detail and I’m satisfied that he is not lying to me. In fact, the things he told me were verified independently by Daniel Johns, who told me very similar things, and neither of them knew that I was talking to both of them. I think that what Skip and Daniel and others have to say is worthy of deeper investigation.

Skip claims that Eli James is a fake name of someone whose real name is Joe (Joseph) November. Daniel concurs with the name Joe November and adds that there may be a third name which phonetically sounds like “Michael Putz”.

I think that the businesses, like Eli James Publishing, and other interests in Chicago, need to be investigated properly in order to get to the bottom of this stuff. Jan]

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