Lasha Darkmoon: Kill Whitey!—American Universities as Hate Factories Preaching White Genocide

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Black Monday in 2017! The Biggest White protest about Farm Murders
128 Photos: The Day of White anger over Farm Murders! STOP KILLING OUR WHITE FARMERS!!! This was the biggest White protest in the history of South Africa. You‘ll be blown away by what Whites did that day!

[Excellent stuff from Lasha, and it quotes the Jewish shitbag Professor Ignatiev, who wanted to destroy the entire White race. The bag of shit. Jan]

Who’s Miseducating America’s Elites?

By Eric Striker
March 18, 2021
The Unz Review

Presented by Lasha Darkmoon
with a brief introduction and added graphics


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S.Africa: Black man has sex with his 3yo Granddaughter
The Black guy said that this was cheaper than paying a prostitute! WTF? Read it for yourself!

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