World Economic Forum wants to kill 7.5 billion people – Is vaccine the tool? … My Question


[There are things in our analysis of COVID that to me are not clear enough and I have various questions. For example: Is Israel the most vaccinated country in the world? If the vaccine kills, then why would the Jews kill their own? I'll return to this. My real question is whether the vaccine is a DELIBERATE TOOL TO KILL. Is it the tool by which they will kill billions? Or is the vaccine BAD SCIENCE? e.g. Bad Jewish science? If the vaccine kills then why are the Jews vaccinating themselves? Or are they LYING ABOUT IT? Or are they using a good vaccine while giving us the vaccine that kills? These are the types of questions I would like answers to. There are things here that clash and make no sense. Jan]

Below is an excerpt from a discussion I had with an American. He wrote:
The World economic Forum wants 7.5 Billion people to drop dead. They say it openly.

So I replied:

Yes but is this it? Is this how they intend to kill them?

… snip …
Is this the killing?

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