Photo: NAZI UFOs – The Clever Ernst Zundel trick… Zundel: The Greatest Canadian

[I wanted to share this because Ernst Zundel, who told the truth and who was so hated by the filthy Jews. I've seen film footage where Zundel tells this story. He was struggling to make money, and so he made use of the desire for UFOs … which allowed him to make money for his REAL RESEARCH! And what a man he was…. an amazing hero of modern times. Jan]

Ernst Zündel’s marketing ploy
Further information: Ernst Zündel – UFOlogy
When German Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel started Samisdat Publishers in the 1970s, he initially catered to the UFOlogy community, which was then at its peak of public acceptance. His books claimed that flying saucers were Nazi secret weapons launched from an underground base in Antarctica, from which the Nazis hoped to conquer the Earth and possibly the planets.[17] Zündel also sold (for $9999) seats on an exploration team to locate the polar entrance to the hollow earth.[18] Some who interviewed Zündel claim that he privately admitted it was a deliberate hoax to build publicity for Samisdat, although he still defended it as late as 2002.[19][20]


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