Hitler’s Table Talk – Finally reading it… Future holiday Places for Germans: Crimea & Croatia!!!

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Finally, after a long time I’ve got round to reading Hitler’s table talk. I had browsed parts of it before in the past, but never sat down and actually read it properly, which is what I’m doing now.

It is very interesting to get more of an insight into Hitler’s mind. He made many many comments and observations that you would never suspect or guess.

I smiled when he spoke about what Germany and Europe would be like after they won the war. He spoke about places the Germans would go on holidays and how they would build autobahns outside of Germany. He said that Crimea would be a place Germans would go on holiday and that the Black Sea would be an area that Germany could tap into.

He said Croatia is a very beautiful country and Germans would be going there.

For someone who lived and thought these thoughts 80 years ago, it’s amazing how good his mind was. Despite science moving forward, he was on to a lot of deep truths. He knew where science was taking us.

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