New Netanyahu Jewish holocaust BS in the Baltic states! – Truths the Jews HIDE/IGNORE!!


[The Jewish BS surrounding their fake holocaust just gets crazier and crazier. Now we can see how the Jews must have used similar techniques on our ancestors in Europe until they drove the whites CRAZY and the whites just drove the Jews out. As it is, the Jews have so much Jewish privilege … too much in fact … WAYYYYYYY TOOOOO MUCH!!

So now the Jew scum want their Israeli scum Prime Minister to tell the Baltic states to not only take more action with regard to the PAST but also to smack modern “neo-NAZIS”.

Now here’s one of the key kickers: The Jews do NOT like comparing Soviet atrocities with those of NAZIS!! That alone should show you pure Jewish hypocrisy and that the Jews still love the Soviet Union (which was under their thumb just like the USA and UK in WW2). If you have to single out GERMAN/NAZI atrocities as special and DOWNPLAY the Soviet atrocities … then there’s something fishy going on!

I think this is the Jewish ADL’s scumbag Foxman, whom they are quoting: “He [Netanyahu] needs to use this occasion to speak out against the way the current governments are rewriting the history of the Shoah,” Foxman said.

So the Jews will use the Israeli PM to tell the leaders of the Baltic that they’re doing things wrong in their country!!! Yep, bold, spoilt-brat Jewish privilege at its FINEST!!

Here is a small excerpt of what the Jews do NOT like: “By standing up against the wholesale rewriting of history — including the state-sponsored effort to turn Holocaust collaborators into publicly honored ‘heroes’…

In other words, the Jews do not like their holohoax lie being replaced with ever more glimmers of the TRUTH!

Notice this exaggerated Jewish claim (ALL Jewish claims are always vastly exaggerated):

A total of 70,000 Jews were murdered by the German SS and their Lithuanian collaborators at Ponary, one of several killing centers used by the Nazis in the area of Vilnius.

A full 95 percent of Lithuania’s 220,000 Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, along with 77 percent of Latvia’s and 35 percent of Estonia’s smaller Jewish communities.

If all these Jews were murdered by the NAZIs, then please, please… let’s have an actual inquest. Let scientists and archaeologists and pathologists go and dig up some of these bodies and PROVE THIS!!! So many claims of so many Jewish deaths … but where’s the evidence?

NEVER FORGET NAPOLEON SAID: Jews are GUILTY until PROVEN INNOCENT!! Yes, Napoleon learned that Jews are first and foremost LIARS! So if the Jews say 95% were murdered, then let’s see that established scientifically! 

I got this article from Tom Metzger and he said, did these whites even have the bullets to waste on this (during their retreat?).

In the article, the Jews talk about the NAZIs killing partisans! Hold on! Partisans were terrorists/guerillas operating and fighting behind German lines! The Germans had every right to kill them! Yet the bold bullshitting Jews now want WRITTEN APOLOGIES for killing them! This should be REFUSED OUTRIGHT! Pure nonsense.

Now let me tell you what the Jewish scum are NOT TELLING YOU! That the Soviet Union invaded Finland and the Baltic states before seizing a part of Poland! The Jewish controlled Soviet Union INVADED the Baltic states … they invaded and seized 180,000 sq km of WHITE COUNTRIES (excluding Finland). But NOWHERE in the history books will you hear anyone talking of the NAKED, UNWARRANTED SOVIET AGGRESSION on Finland and these little Baltic states!

Furthermore, my Boer NAZI pal was telling me that lots of whites in these little Baltic countries (and Finland), joined the Waffen SS when the Germans hit back! They were very happy to fight on the side of Germany after having experienced totally blatant, unwarranted aggression … which you will NOT hear ANY of the so-called Allies EVER speaking of! They will keep telling you that Hitler/Germany/NAZIs were blatantly aggressive … but you will NEVER hear one word of this naked SOVIET aggression. You will never hear Britain or France, who apparently guaranteed Poland’s freedom (pure nonsense anyway), ever talking about the NAKED AGGRESSION of the Soviet Union in the Baltic! NEVER! Not a word! The history books similarly overlook this. And everyone LIES IN UNISON THAT HITLER/GERMANS were the ONLY AGGRESSORS in WW2. Pure hogwash! In fact, the more I study WW2, the less and less evidence I find of ANY GERMAN AGGRESSION actually when you look closer at the detail. 

WW2 is the most lied about event in human history! 

I don’t want to dignify the Jewish hogwash by printing it on my website. You can read the Jewish filth here:

One thought on “New Netanyahu Jewish holocaust BS in the Baltic states! – Truths the Jews HIDE/IGNORE!!

  • 7th October 2019 at 12:19 am

    Holy crap, no wonder you wanted no parts of posting that Algemeiner FILTH on your website. I could barely finish reading it myself, and it does not matter it’s from over a year ago – the same nonsense would take place today if gangster thug Bibi were to visit Lithuania. Abe Foxman is no Holocaust survivor, what an absolute crock of shit – hidden by his Lithuanian ‘nanny’, pathetic, even as a little shit pants he was living the privileged life of a Jew.
    I’ve come to the most disgusting and alarming conclusion that any Jew alive during the years of 1939 – 1945 who is alive today, is AUTOMATICALLY considered a “Holocaust survivor”, and even more disgusting is that Germany still pumps out billions of dollars annually in the form of “reparation checks” to these criminal Jewish “German welfare recipients”. Even today as we speak, these Jews are constantly scheming to invent more ways to squeeze funds out of Europe on the fairy-tale grounds of any and all things “Holocaust” related.
    I have yet to see any commemorative museum in the United States dedicated to any of the genocides of Russians, Ukrainians, Armenians, and Germans – but each year sees some new Jew memorial established for a Holocaust that never happened.
    Even if the Holocaust WERE true, which of course it is not, this says NOTHING about the fact these are the only victims EVER discussed, saying nothing EVER of all of the brothers wrongfully brainwashed into killing each other during both world wars. I guess these millions upon millions of deaths of soldiers and civilians is in all actuality, CELEBRATED by Jews and their shabbos goy cohorts.


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