NEEDED: WHITE ANGELS OF DEATH: Jews call Fred Leuchter: Mr Death & Dr Basson: Dr Death

Jim Rizoli and John Kaminski were sharing some info about Fred Leuchter who investigated the Jewish lies about Auschwitz and the famed, lied about, fake "Holocaust" of 6 million Jewish scum.

This is what Jim wrote:


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p dir=”ltr”>This is Fred Leuchter discussion on our back porch about the movie they made about him, Mr Death, and bonus points how he got thrown in a German prison by those friendly, excuse me, fiendish Jews…


p dir=”ltr”>Fred needs another movie made about him…
He tells the truth, gives his expertise and people, rabid Jews, want him dead…


p dir=”ltr”>The schools should have him come in to tell his story…


p dir=”ltr”>Joe Rizoli

Here are my comments:


p dir=”ltr”>Interesting that they call Fred "Mr Death". We have a guy in South Africa they call "Dr Death" because he did some biological warfare stuff for the govt.

This is typical Jewish "drama". I still think the book titled "The Drama of the European Jews" sums up the Jewish scum the best.

They are a race of howling, shrieking cry babies, whining, crying for help, and always claiming to be hard done by, by whites of course.

See my recent videos where I recorded the Jewish Communist Ronnie Kasrils, openly comparing their hatred of Apartheid with NAZISM.

He goes on to say what a TERRIBLE system Apartheid was … which it was NOT. Furthermore, this race of scum were living among whites, and getting more benefits than whites – all the white stabbing the whites in the back.

FACT: in my assessment of Apartheid and assassination, which "Dr Death was a part of, it is clear that the SA Govt’s strategy was to use the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM FORCE in fighting the blacks in order to keep black/whites clashes to an absolute minimum. The SA Govt specialised in assassinating important enemy agents who were a true threat to the state. Among the methods used was targeted poisoning of the black leaders, and bombs.

It is therefore insane to call Apartheid a terrible system because Apartheid bent over backwards to NOT SLAUGHTER crazily. Whites as a rule, have gone to extremes to not just kill anyone, but to only kill those who were true threats.

So all this nonsense about Dr Death is sooooooo over the top its not true.

As for them calling Fred Leuchter Mr Death … I suppose they must then call every white male who is a hangman "Mr Death" … and … I think the book: Might is Right says it best about the need for Angels of Death:

Mankind is aweary, aweary of its sham prophets, its demagogues and its statesmen. It crieth out for kings and heroes. It demands a nobility — a nobility that cannot be hired with money, like slaves or beasts of burden. The world awaits the coming of mighty men of valor, great destroyers; destroyers of all that is vile, angels of death. We are sick unto nausea of the “good Lord Jesus,” terror-stricken under the executive of priest, mob and proconsul. We are tired to death of “Equality.” Gods are at a discount, devils are in demand. He who would rule the coming age must be hard, cruel, and deliberately intrepid, for softness assails not successfully the idols of the multitude. Those idols must be smashed into fragments, burnt into ashes, and that cannot be done by the gospel of love.

My own thoughts:
Truly, this is what we need. Any white man who is spat upon by the Jews, who is likened to an "Angel of Death" should walk tall. We need MORE executioners, more hangmen, and more Kings, Nobles and Destroyers in order to bring order to the West before the West is lost.

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