Truth: The Real Obituary of GEORGE FLOYD (1974-2020)


[The truth about the scumbag. Jan]

GEORGE FLOYD (1974-2020)

George Floyd, 46, died while being arrested for passing a counterfeit twenty dollar bill in Minneapolis, Mn., on May 25, 2020. George was a lifelong drug addict and career criminal whose interests included selling cocaine and fentanyl, robbing defenseless women during home invasions, and spending time in prison among others like him. The cause of death is undetermined but George, unsurprisingly, tested positive for methamphetamine and fentanyl, two of his favorite recreational drugs.

George recently moved to Minneapolis to get a fresh start and to leave Houston, where he had accumulated at least three convictions for drug offenses and aggravated robbery while armed with a firearm. The fact that his most recent arrest was for a non-violent offense shows that George had finally found his way.

George is survived by several children from several different baby mommas, none of whom had seen him for years because he was only recently released from Texas State Prison after serving a five year sentence for his robbery conviction.

Funeral services will be held on various dates all over the country to honor this pillar of society. Mourners are invited to join violent demonstrations to honor George’s memory. Tear down heroic monuments, loot business, put owners of business through hell. Burn cars and property, Molotov cocktails are requested in lieu of flowers. Murdering an innocent police officer with a wife and young children would also be an acceptable way of demonstrating our respect for George.

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