FREE eBook: The White Man’s Bible (1981) – By Ben Klassen


I’m very pleased to be giving away this old classic. This is by Ben Klassen whom I called “The Pope of the White Race”. His title was the Latin “Pontifex Maximus” – the High Priest! I have a high regard for Ben Klassen.

Ben wrote this absolute classic, a Bible for white people only. This is what he wrote:-

This book together with NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION
Constitutes the official faith and creed of CREATIVITY, the basic religion of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR

Matt Hale, who is now in jail was one of the finest people to come out of the Church of the Creator.

Nature’s Eternal Religion is another important book he wrote. This Bible sets out the values and even commandments that whites must live by. Ben set out to save our entire race. He started the Church of the Creator which was also later known as Creativity.

You can download the book from this link: 01 Ben Klassen-The White Mans Bible 1981

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