My simplistic views on the Franco-Prussian War – German & Italian Unification

Received on: 2017-12-14 :-

Hey Jan,

I’m a big fan and try to listen to all your stuff when I can. I’d like to know your take on the Franco-Prussian war. Not sure if you’ve covered this before.


Here’s my reply:

Its actually not a topic I’ve touched on before.

From history I remember that this was part of the series of wars that resulted in the creation of modern Germany and I regard those wars in a good light. Italy also was unified at the same time I think.

So as a general principle I regard these wars as good and I see WW1 and WW2 as being the reaction to destroying this powerful new German state which arose. Hitler tried to extend it to include all the Germans.

He also had a vision I believe to extend things to the Germanics.

I regard the idea of whites gathering together and unifying and creating newer and bigger structures as a great idea. I know that it involves bloodshed as these things do. Whenever you are dealing with REAL POWER you’ll find that it will be opposed with guns and bloodshed. This is how it is. The same holds true for us whites in Africa. Same thing. The only real change that can come about will done with bloodshed. That’s how history works.

It is unfortunate that whites have to kill each other. Its a complex topic.

I hope this is a tiny overview of some basic thoughts on the matter.



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